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Apr 30, 2002
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Does anyone use any training aids they have built or bought aside from the norm (i.e. heavy bag, kicking shield, etc...)? I personally have the usual, but I also have some thai pads that we train with, a home made striking dummy to do techniques on, a deal I bought called a "power wheel" which is a conditioning piece, a weighted vest, 16 oz boxing gloves.

A couple of things I want to make/buy are a wrist rolling deal (where you attach the weight on a rope to a dowel and just roll it up for wrist/hand conditioning) and I'd like to make one of those tire kicking deals that people use to condition their low kicks.

One of my favorite solo training tools is a ladder. Practice multilevel front, side and back kicks on the rungs, hang a sheild on the side to practice roundhouse kicks. Use the rungs to stretch. Kick between the rungs to practice precision <especially in the rechamber>.
The ladder idea sounds like a real creative way to use something most have around the house. Good stuff...
Originally posted by Goldendragon7

The usual.... heavy bag, kicking shields, medicine Balls, jumpropes (only leather), blocking bats.

So are your physical conditioning drills based out of things you learned in college? (the medicine balls specifically)...I use a heavy plastic speed rope...the leather is too expensive for us poor folk...

We also use focus mitts...
House cats are great for practicing low kicks, backfists for when they jump on the table, makiwara training.........okay, just kidding.:D

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Since training out at your place last August, I've invested in a Century Wave Bag, Focus Mits, Heavy Kicking Shields, Foam Club (for those realistic attacks without adding the injury to insult), Jump Rope, and Ab Mouse-ab rolling machine (this thing works).

I have also purchased some wooden knives, nunchaku, sticks, staff, and a 65# composite bow... The only thing I need now is some Bull Whips... (Huk started something there...)

I had a Makiwara board that I made with a 4x4 out back, but I broke it after my wife crashed my Saturn 6 months ago. :miffer: Haven't erected another one yet... and I dunno if I'm going to. :idunno:

Take Care,
Billy Lear :karate:
United Kenpo Systems

P.S. I have some pictures that were taken at your place posted in my Photo Gallery on my web site... If you get the chance take a look. (and sign the guest book, please) :D
Originally posted by Goldendragon7

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I think that subject would have to go on another thread........on a different forum.:D
I have a couple of extra "toys" besides the heavy bag and pads....

I have an old foam-type training bag (free-standing, but with handles on the sides) that I used to attach to bungee cords. When you strike/kick it, it bounced wildly out of the way and would come back quite quickly. You had to be on your toes to "spar" with that.....

Also, my wife used to hang a tennis ball by a string at about neck height. She would strike that, and duck and weave around it. That worked real well.

Long ago, I built my own training dummy, using clothes as both the "body" and the stuffing. I used a basketball wrapped in a pillowcase for the head. I wrapped the whole thing in duct tape and suspended it from my basement ceiling. That was a real hoot.....until I had a kenpo party one night, and the dummy was dismembered by my class (all with good technique, though).

We are also going to build a balance beam, using a duct-tape wrapped 2x4.....;)

Now, my questions are who actually uses these great toys they have? and how often?


Not who has their students train that way!!
right here...

I use something from my stuff at least twice a week with my own guys. Normally thai pads, focus mitts, 16 oz gloves...sometimes we put on the weighted vest.

We also kick the wave bags with basic drills and use the heavy bag all the time. I do the jump rope myself on my own (some guys are rhythm impared and can't jump rope???)

We also end the class with "the wheel". A majority of what we do is conditioning and basics.

Understand that I'm working out of a garage and just working with a couple of guys so we can be a little crazy with the conditioning. Those that have to pay bills and have a school probably couldn't take it to the level we do unless they are training Boxing, BJJ or NHB stuff. Otherwise people aren't expecting to sweat the way we do.

These guys want to get in shape, which happens, and at the same time I can share the system with them.
I use the toys I have, and use them as often as I can. I wouldn't say that I use them all *regularly*, as I like to mix up my training quite a bit, but they get used.

If I am working reactions, I use the bouncier tools; if working focus, more stationary.

Have I used 'em in class? Yes (except for the dummy--that was just too scary looking for most people...heh). Most often, the tools we use are the basics: Heavy bags, wave bags, pads, mitts, and blockers.

However, one tool that I have not seen anybody mention yet is.....drum roll please.....

Plastic grocery bags.

No kidding. Play a game of "hacky sack" with one. Tie it up a bit so it is like a balloon, and form a circle. A wide one. Then tell everyone the rule is that they can't let the bag touch the floor, or they are "out". You can decide if you will allow hand and foot strikes, or just blocks, or whatever, to keep the bag "alive". Then, toss it in one person's direction, and have fun.

Also works well in "single person" mode...;).

I *have* used that one in class before, and it was a great aid.

I play with the plastic grocery bags too, same way. Fun stuff.

I use all of the standard gear (kicking sheilds, hand targets, clappers, heavy bag, BOB and foam padded escrima sticks) every class. I use the ladder every day except Sunday. I do my best to practice at the very least two hours a day in martial arts plus 2 hours of my normal work out (which alternates between lifting weights plus running on mon. wed. & fri. and class tue. thu. & sat.) Though if you include my mental and spiritual training then I never stop training.
...not a Century one.
I hear there are some better made ones, stonger, non-water bases.

Any ideas guys?

how about some with arms and legs?

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