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  • I'm good man. I needed a break for a while. But I've been hearing the siren call, so you may start seeing my posts again soon. Good to hear from you.
    Hey Jarrod! I notice you had some references to Steve Scott in your pictures. I had a chance to work with him out in Kansas. Great guy, very knowledgeable. HUGE guy! o_O
    Thanks for stopping by Jarrod. Pork chop sideburns, of course that was then, and this is now.
    Thanks. been a bit busy . I have 5 fighters getting ready for feb 28 in Peterbrought. Been working on building a new ring. havent figured out how to post yet. Kinda new at this EH!
    Yes! Army of the Damned! Count me in. Now you need to design a patch. As for a system may I suggest " Brick Upside the Head Fu". Very effective for close combat. Yet to be sanctioned for MMA but I am hopeful.
    "hey man was digging up some black metal & came across a couple bands you might like. one is negura bunget from romania. the other is insomnium. you might already know these guys. i'm pretty new to black metal so i'm not always sure what people have heard of & what they haven't"

    I've never heard of negura. I've heard of insomnium but I've never heard thier music. I'll check 'em out. Thanx, man.
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