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  • Hello Dr. Rush,

    I find we are often on the same side of the fence here on Martial Talk. Additionally I am a friend of Mr. Henry. I wish you the very best sir.

    Very Respectfully,
    Jon Ferguson
    Good to see a familiar face on the forums. How is everthing going? From what Dr. Peters has told me, he plans on opening a school in Buckhannon within a year or two. If that happens I may be moving that way to help him run it.

    David H. Henry
    Sam-Dan Westerm Masters Karate System
    I do recognize that name, but I cannot remember who he is. I know so many people in the organization, but more by their faces than their names. We have 200 dojo across the US and internationally. And my memory is not what it used to be. If I remember more about this person I will gladly send you the information.
    yeah, i am a student at the main headquarters
    thanks for sending me a message.
    the school is nice,but one thing that has bothered me is how soft some of the kids are that are high ranked,they are terrified to get in the ring and spar plus their forms and kicking ability are not at level for their rank, i'm not saying i'm anything special becuaes im only purple and have alot to learn.
    p.s did you hear that a regional tournament will be held somewhere in ohio around like the middle of march
    Ty for replying. I have a stiff right knee of which I now must stretch out on a minute to minute basis. Any stretches or limbering movements you can suggest for me? I devloped this ailment from an over-extension accident. Any online or book sources would be helpful?
    Ty SBNR for ur welcoming reply

    Good to meet u

    What martial arts do u study at present?
    Yeah I never seem to get around to that lol. Anyway I'm up north in michigan. Nice to meet a practitioner of mu duk kwan. I was a judakwan guy before I left at illdan. Now I kinda do a mix of stuff. JKD concepts, a little judo and BJJ I picked up here and there, and some Filipino stuff that I'm really digging. Nice to hear that you stuck with it to oh hell I don't remember the korean up that high 5th dan. Good to hear your a chiropractor mine saves my life lol.
    I am a 5th Dan in Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do, and I have been training under Kwan Jang Sok Ho Kang (9th dan) since 1985. I am currently the secretary/treasurer of the West Virginia Taekwondo Won state association.

    I am a chiropractic physician by trade, and a martial artist by passion.
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