Throws, Locks, Chokes

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whew...break falls were some of the first things I learned under Sensei Seigel, and as I said before, the five hand positions were the very first thing he showed me. after that, hip throws. the very first class I attended at the dojo he showed defenses for getting out of bear hugs and head locks and that was pretty much one year ago.

Yep, 1st night of class at the college we learned the five hand positions, ouch. Within a couple of weeks we had started head locks, bear hugs, and two handed grabs and the techniques to get out of them. I did like that Seig let us learn our falls and stuff from the kneeling position at first....I might be short but it still looks like a long way to fall. He he!!! We've taught the kids class Captured Twigs (yellow belt) for against a bear hug from behind and most of the kids really like Grasp of Death (yellow) for the head locks too. As we progress in rank the techniques get harder and normally graft into another technique though. So when do we learn to fall and throws? Early!!!! Like Seig says we need to or else we may hurt ourselves.;)
i do beleave the fastest way that i learned to fall was when i became the main Uki for being thrown. that is a really good way to learn. i know i didnt want to get hurt

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