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    Greetings, I am interested in your association. I reviewed your website but was unable to find any info on membership requirements. Any info would be great.
    Manny, try Aikido as it is something different than what you've done so far. It is a nice way to round out your skills.
    Hi my friend how are you? I am strugling wiht two things, a) a Hammerstring (pull or tear muscle in the back of my tighth and b) trying to save some bucks LOL!!! to take shotokan or karate lessons. In a few days one of my daughters turns 15 amd here in Mexico is like a great FIESTA the equivalent of you american people is the Sweet Sixteen party and ohhhh boy you need money to do such a partry so that's why I have not get inside a new martial art. I am a little confused one part of me tells me to do aikkido because it's better for my age and other part of me tells me to go for karate because I like to hit..... can you help me?
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