JK Kenpo Karate Seminar Schedule 2002

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Aug 4, 2001
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JK Kenpo Karate Seminar Schedule 2002

Aug. 9,10,11, The 3rd. Annual JK Kenpo Training Camp!
Featuring: Mr. Richard Planas, Mr. Ed. Planas, Mr. Frank Trejo, Mrs. Doreen Cogliandro, Mr. Ed Parker, Mr. Tim Hartman, Mr. Sean Kelley, Special Guest Mr. Ingmar Johansson from Sweden.

September 18th Mr Zach Whitson Kenpo Counterpoint With some Pekiti-Tirsia Knife work.

Sept.27,28, Mr. Richard Planas: Instructor Training Camp

Nov. 1,2, Mr. Richard Planas: Instructor Training Camp

Call and book your place
JK Kenpo
1053 Kings Rd.
Schenectady, NY, 12303
[email protected]

Also watch http://jkkenpo.com for more information and events. :)
I was at the Aug camp....missed the other 3..

Was a blast. I did a lot of watching from the sidelines (was taking pics for the web site), but it was a lot of fun. I haven't been camping in, um, years, and it brought back memories. (Like I hate bugs) heh.

Seriously, Jeff Blay puts on one hell of a camp, and next years looks to be even more fun. That much experience in 1 place is mindblowing, and if a miss it, you miss a ton of training.

This year has Huk and Ed Planas, Frank Trejo, Sean Kelly, Dorren C, and oh yeah, this Tim Hartman guy... (Hi Tim! :) )

Next year I believe Huk, Tim and Sean are on the schedule. Check Jeffs website for more info http://jkkenpo.com