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Do any of you have any favorite, non-kenpo martial arts books that you use as reference material to supplement your kenpo? What sorts of books are they (theory, techniques, other systems, etc.)?

I have a copy of Wally Jay's "Small Circle Jujitsu" and I think it supplements things I'm learning in kenpo well. (His small-circle wrist techniques helped me understand the execution of chokes in techniques like Sleeper.) I've also looked at a series of books by Marc Tedeschi (a Hapkido practitioner) that teach things common to many martial arts: common holds & joint locks, common throws and takedowns, and common strikes.

I'm interested in particular to see if there is much overlap in the non-kenpo books people use as reference.

Thanks in advance....

Tad Finnegan
Lee's 'Tao of JKD' has gots lots of good stuff in, and the newer one released in about 1997 (from the 'Bruce Lee Library' series) has extra stuff in too.

I don't have many others though,

It has been a long time since I posted in here last. But I do have some favorite non-kenpo books. These are not listed in order of preference.
1. Living The Martial Way-Forrest E. Morgan
2. Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee's commentaries on the martial way-Edited by John Little
3. Myths and legends of the Martial Arts- Peter Lewis (this one is entertaining)
4. The Gift of Fear-Gavin DeBecker (This book is not a martial arts book, but it deals a lot with fear response and how to listen to you instincts and keep aware of your surroundings.)

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