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in street fights, it likely that you'll fall. whether it be a trip or knock down, your are still down. when i fall, im kinda stunned at the moment, so i kno i have to act fast. I know i cant stay on the floor since its way too dangerous. The hard part is the get up, getting up the wrong way will get your ribs or face broken. so i was looking into get ups but i find very little. so please post some suggestions please.

Its hard to avoid getting kicked no matter what you do if your facing multiple opponents.

I suggest rolling away...maybe and then getting up.
When I first started Jujitsu,I did not understand what the purpose of all the rolls was. We rolled and rolled and rolled. Front, back, left, right and combos of all the above. Later the instructor showed the combat applications of the rolls and the breakfalls. Where ever your body is falling, there is a roll just waiting. All the other systems I have studied since, all have the basic rolls.
I say rolls rather then breakfalls becouse a breakfall you stop your momentum when you land. The roll you can contact the ground and keep going untill you roll back up. Even from the kneeling position you can roll and mantain a kneeling or low position. Nin-po practitioners are some rolling sons of guns, Man can they roll.
So the answer to your question is to try to roll when you fall. Whether its a forced push down or take down, or you throw yourself into the rolls. Start out on grass or mats. Then when you get good technique, try it on concrete or asphalt or gravel.
I do Airconditioning and heating on commercial buildings. Most of the units are on rooftops. I'm always tripping over the gas lines that feed the units. They install them right at shin level. The rolls have realy saved my butt. A lot of people in my department have broken there wrists or landed on there faces,
becouse they did not know how to roll. With your Muay Thai back ground, you can learn to roll back up straight into a kick or elbow strike. By the way every thing you do standing up, you can do on the ground. Try rolling into a kneeling position, from standing and then fire some strikes and kicks. Then roll any direction to a standing position. Then do combos. of rolls kicks and strikes. Rolls are great. My Arnis instructor always had us rolling around into different positions with sticks and knives. You even learn to jump into a diving roll to pick up weapons. Did I mention That rolls are great. I'm sure others will have different techniques to get you back on your feet that are equaly as good. But for me, its the rolls.

Your freind in the Combat Arts, Redfive
2 ways to get up.... rolling and just quickly standing. Obviously if there's a ring of people coming at you, you shouldn't really roll into one of them, instead you'd just want to get up, engage one and get out as quick as possible.....

Best way to get up... Depends on the situation.
The cool thing about rolls is if you do them properly, you won't get knocked down at all, you'll roll right back onto your feet.
If you get knocked flat, however, you may not be able to roll. In which case I'd suggest you cover as much as you possibly can and stand up as soon as possible.
Or learn BJJ. With that and Muay Thai, you'll be an immortal fighting machine:rolleyes:

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