State of the MA Union

no worries...if that seems to be a problem with you...I'll kick your ***...

Can you feel the love in the room???

If that isn't the greatest expression a senior has for his junior, I don't know what is...

"If you f*ck up, I'll give you what for... "

Always, Chufeng, my deepest respects... :asian:

Looking forward to the move - 19 days til I start clearing, 35 until I fly, 41 until I arrive in SeaTac... Can't wait.

I would have to kill you. :D

I leave Japan after 44 months on station on 4 September.

I vacation in Hawaii from 4 ~ 10 September.

I depart Hawaii and arrive in the Seattle/Tacoma area (hence "SeaTac") on 10 September, will remain a few days looking for an apartment, then fly back to my hometown to pick up my SUV and some other sundry items, maybe visit my seniors and Sifu (not sure about Sifu, though, due to the short time I will be back home), then I am driving back up to Fort Lewis to report NLT 20 September.

So there. :p

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