recommend a stretching tape



I have seen for years trhe many tapes of the guys stretched between two chairs, and other things that I have never seen in real life.

Anyways, can anyone reccommend one of these super stretching tapes?

Has anyone ever used one with success?

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 12, 2002
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Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
for a tape?...Marco Lala's Beyond Splits: volumes one and two

for a book?...Tom Kurz' Stretching Scientifically...

i recommend the book. it's very thorough and informative and really teaches you about the specifics of flexibility and strength, and will get you some splits in a matter of months and will help you stay looser without a warmup. it's a faster gain than lala's methods, but they are a little tougher to stick to because they can be a bit more strenuous, whereas lala's methods are more of a long-term relaxed stretching.

they both have similarities, and i will say that you stand to injure yourself a bit more with some of kurz' methods...but he educates you much better on how to avoid and care for injuries you might sustain.

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