Quyen Vin Phan Le, Tae Kwon Do instructor arrested


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May 12, 2011
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Reports from Washington, DC, and Virginia:

"A fixture in the Northern Virginia world of martial arts and an instructor to hundreds of children in the art of Tae Kwon Do has been accused of molesting two of his young students, police say."

He has been arrested, but not yet taken to court, much less convicted, so allegations have yet to be confirmed in a court of law. Some TV news reports allege he 'punished' students by making them run outside in a parking lot in bare feet in snow.

WTOPnews.com implies he was a popular instructor. Also, a link http://kingstowne.patch.com/article...h-accused-of-indecent-liberties-with-students states he was named 2010 Coach of the Year by "USA Taekwondo, a branch of the U.S. Olympic Committee that governs tae kwon do."

Apparently good and bad being said about him. Hopefully not true, but with two victims' complaints, and some things written by him, it starts to look bad. I always hate to hear about things like this. But if guilty, better being outed. Worse would be someone who truely was doing such things going undetected and being able to continue to molest children, as well as besmirch martial arts.


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Apr 9, 2004
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Yea he has been removed by the USAT and banned for now pending the outcome. I hope this is not true because it hurts all of us when it is. At the same time if it is not true this will damage him and his business for ever, this is a no win stituation for everyone involved.