Nia Peebles

I believe shs does have formal training in wing chun and wushu.But I may be wrong but it seems like I remeber an article on her in inside kungfu mag..
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who is Nia Peebles? anyone have a picture...maybe i'd know her if i saw her.

Was bout to ask the same thing :asian:


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Originally posted by Kirk
Fame, Walker, Texas Ranger

Fame??? I didn't know that! She is HOT though. I have seen her in Walker, Texas Ranger...just yesterday i watched an episode with her in it!:D
Trained her in his style, though I can't remember what it is. He was also a stunt coordinator on that show. She holds like a orange/purple belt. Not very high ranked, but very athletic.
Wow I l realy had the hots for Nia in High school. She was actualy a pop rock artist in the 80s she had a few top songs and then stopped. I was shocked when I first saw her in Walker. One of my best friends father was realy good friends with her and used to play back up for her. I never got to meet her though. Damn. I still have the hots for her. I'm going to try to find her songs. I cant even think of one, but I know they where good.

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Real name: Virenia Gwendolyn Peeples
Occupation: Actress
Birthday: December 10, 1961 (41)
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Height 5' 2" (1m57)
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i saw her album in the record shops they trying to sell it for 1$
also she was in steven seagals new film half past dead she fights JaRULE

She was past hot, and into fire in Half Past Dead. She played a bad girl and wore some fine leather outifts (pant,pant).

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