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Mar 24, 2002
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This goes out for Judo-kid since he doesn't know how to post a poll. How many of you would like a Mixed Martial Art section, to post respones to.
I voted to get a mma section simply because grappling is grappling and mma is so much more.

Damian Mavis
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Me personally Im not bothered, but it would be useful cuz a lot of the discussion in this forum has recently been on MMA's. So why not?
couldn't it belong in the general martial arts talk area? Think about it, this forum doesn't have 200,000 guests and 100,000 members. Leaving it here, people would have more access to it.
I think an MMA section would be beneficial (did I spell that right?), anyway because so many persons are mixed trained and to stay ahead I think you need to be versatile.
I believe it would geartly add to the number of people visting this site not to mention a great spot for cross training ufc tips.
i have seen many mixed martial art type events that dont have ground fighting in it. that means we really need the MMA form !!!!
Again the problem with is that they have a bunch of snot-nose kids who haven't study any traditional martial arts, going around slamming the traditional martial arts. Hopefully that doesn't happen here, because one of two things may happen. The person will get banned or they may drop the MMA section if it becomes a problem. That was the other problem with is they did nothing to police the treads, there was cusing, trolling and other crap. The montors on here do a good job, that is why this is a pleasant martial art site!
Bob :asian:
The mods. and admins. will certainly enforce a certain level of decorum at MartialTalk. We are a forum for the friendly discussion of the martial arts, mixed or otherwise.

However, please remember that we cannot read every thread and we count on reports from our members to alert us to potential problems!

-MT Admin-
Hey There are alot of people who are here on that cross trained and been in diffrent martial arts. I think this would be not just a spot to descuss MMA but crosstraining as well there are many topic s that will be posted here and will be a great add to Will attract a bunch of new people and most wont be jerks so please add this section ,.
Originally posted by MartialArtist

couldn't it belong in the general martial arts talk area? Think about it, this forum doesn't have 200,000 guests and 100,000 members. Leaving it here, people would have more access to it.

I have to agree
Can someone tell me when or if they are going to make a form for mixed martial arts. {Please ether message me or post here} thanks .:shock:
Let's go for a MMA forum. A lot of folks have cross-trained and perhaps we can share training experiences an info without cluttering the General Talk forum.

Peace & blessings,
I too would be interested in discussing Mixed Martial Arts with people who can have a civil disscussion. I tried to go to other forums for it but you can't get a good discission going without someone turning it into a childish argument.
sounds good to me. i am always up for learning things about different arts without getting my ego involved.

after all, martial arts is a continuing learning process for all.
M.M.A. is the Hotest thing going in Martial Arts.

Wether U like or don't like it
get use to it cause it's here to stay
Polls running a few more days, then we'll make the decision.

1 thing to keep in mind. If/when we do roll one out, its up to you folks to keep it civil.

We only provide the playing field, but can't be there 24/7 to monitor and watch. We require your help in keepin gthings professional and mature. That means, no feeding the trolls who will show up, keeping the flamewars off the board, and being patient with the newbies who will ask all the 'dumb' questions. It also means using the 'report to mod' feature rather than swinging the 2x4 yourselves.

We've got a nice mix in here, some 'newbies' and some 'experienced' and some in between.

It looks very good that we will be rolling this one out once the poll closes.

Now...I've got some homework for ya.... We're gonna need a description for this forum, and a short charter. Anyone care to write up a 1-3 sentence and a 1 page description on just what MMA is?

Thank you!
The MMA Forum could go over well. It could produce some interesting projections concerning the future of the traditional martial arts in this modern day and beyond!
Sincerely, In Humility;
My only concern is the death of the general MA section. Most of the discussion would shift to the MMA section an leave out several people in the General section who are enjoying the abundance of posts. Thats my only issue though, maybe its a great idea, lets try it and see I guess.


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