Martial Arts and Law Enforcement


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Feb 28, 2019
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Las Vegas
The original thread of this topic has been blocked pending review, most likely for getting too political.

But I felt a need to add something to my post REGARDING THE ACTUAL SUBJECT, so it seemed this was the way to go:

I mentioned several names of noted martial artists who have been associated with law enforcement. I neglected to include one who deserves credit - James Koga, creator of the "Koga Method", an aikido based system designed especially for LEO's. During the 1970's he worked with LAPD and other groups teaching compliance control and other skills. His name was in my head, but never got to the keyboard for my original post.

Koga was very influential at the time. I will repeat my lament that IMO, the separation of MA and LE does not serve the community or officers.