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Sep 26, 2017
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From David Kahn:

“It is with great honor and the deepest respect that my instructors and I have been acknowledged over the years. It's our ongoing commitment to assist our military and first responders with the finest, most up-to-date training we can provide:


SUBJECT: After Actions Review for Training Conducted with the Israeli Krav Maga Association (IKMA) (Gidon System (GS) Lead by David Kahn (United States IKMA (GS) Chief Instructor)

1. Purpose: Observation of the following beneficial factors of adding Israeli Krav Maga to the overall training of both law enforcement (LE) and military units.

2. Bottom line up front. David Kahn and his team are, by far, the best there is, and teach the best version of the best system there is. If you want to arm yourself with the best tools to survive any encounter (Civilian, Law Enforcement (LE), or Military Combat) David Kahn, and the IKMA (GS), are your best option.

3. Historically, development of Self-defense systems and martial arts occurred from the necessities of the existing time-period and social norms concerning violence. For example, Karate for the Samurai or Kali for villagers of the Philippines (whose conflicts were tribal and weapons of choice where whatever they had laying around). Societies developed these systems and martial arts in order to, quickly and efficiently, train Soldiers. This was so they would possess the capabilities to close with and destroy their adversaries in hand-to-hand combat if and when necessary. lmi Lichtenfeld designed Israeli Krav Maga in the 1940s in order to address the modern combatant. Whether dealing with a mugger on the streets, or a foreign adversary on the battlefield. No other system is as modern or effective as Krav Maga.

4. The IKMA (GS) is the only true Krav Maga system under Grand Master Haim Gidon (successor to lmi Lichtenfeld). It is, by far, any agencies best option for training its' Soldiers and/or LE officers. A single ten-hour seminar with David Kahn, and his team, proved to be worth a year of training in any other dojo I have attended. I have trained on several forms of martial arts and self-defense systems. I always shop around for the best instructor with the most practical training. David and his team are undeniably the best there is. I have driven fourteen hours at a time, on several occasions, to attend training with him. I always leave the seminars absolutely motivated to come back to base and share what I learned with my Soldiers.

5. Krav Maga has grown in popularity in the west in recent decades. There are several different interpretations of the system available in the US (e.g. Warrior Krav Maga /Krav Maga World Wide). Most of them teach substandard techniques, with the addition of cardiovascular endurance training, in order to appeal to those more susceptible to advertising and marketing. The idea being, "Get fit and learn to defend yourself

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