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What do people in the various branches of military study for unarmed combat? Are any particular martial arts employed more than others? Does this vary for each branch of the military? Do special forces such as the Navy Seals or Rangers learn more specialized stuff than the general population does?

I'm curious because it might say something about what martial art or arts the military finds to be the most practical for real life combat.

Please indicate what your source is, i.e. you're in the military, your brother is, you watched a late night documentary, etc.

Thank you
Depends on the corps, etc. Branches study different things depending on their assignments.

They study TKD, hapkido, boxing, sambo, wrestling, judo, muay thai, etc. They don't practice the art individually, but in one general system. They have names for systems, but the systems are pretty much based on them. They do study an art individually when they have a special guest like Shamrock, a famed muay thai fighter, etc. They need to learn a lot, quick. Once they got the training, a lot of soldiers pick an art to study on their own that they like and fits them.
6o minutes (TV News Show) did a segment on the Army. They were starting in with Gracie Jujitsu. (Just my own opinion on this, everything I have seen on GJ is centered around groung fighting and submission tactics. To me, I don't think I would want to be rolling around on a battlefield tying to make one guy say uncle).
The Marines (got family stationed overseas) are actually starting there own system. From what I've been told, the focus will be a combination of TKD/Hapkido and Kempo. ROC Marines (Korean) are supposed to be the starting instructors.
Navy Seals are Navy Seals, nothing more to be said. Whatever kills you works for them.
Air Force personnel = I think they just get cellular phones issued with 911 speed dial.......

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