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  • Hi Hudson, I've cleared some room if you still have a message you want to send through or questions to ask. Sorry it was full earlier.
    Thanks for your friendship, and thanks for your service to the community :asian:
    Well, that was interesting. They really have no presence here at all, and this is the first mention I have come across. Ed Lomax and Darren Horvath are far more dominant in South Australia (my opinions being held back here). So you know, though, Mas Oyama used the title Sosai, meaning "Head Brother", like kohai is little brother, and sempai is older brother.
    Hey Hudson, never heard of it. The only Ninjutsu International Federation link is Christa Jacobson's group (no presence here), and a Ninjutsu International in Georgia (no presence here either). The closest we have had was known as NITAA (Ninjutsu Instructors and Trainers Association of Australia). As for the IBDA, if that is what you are refering to, I'm sure there have been people here using RVDs home courses, but I don't know of any official schools, if that helps.
    I studied Ninjutsu with John throught the difftrent schools he used (he started with Togakure, then worked with Steven Haye's schools and if I remember correctly he found Genbukan a good fit for him). After I lost touch with John a mutual friend returned from Germany and I trained Togakure ninjutsu again with him for a few years. I trained with a Japanese Juisitsu (is that how it's spelled?) class for a few years in Southern Utah while I lived there.

    That's mostly me in the MA field, I wirked a bit with some green berets here in SLC and got to use some modern weapons, but nowhere near enough.:)

    How about you? If I read correctly in the forum you have been in the military? How's that going for you?

    Take care,
    I am originally from Utah. sad huh?

    Well, I originally tore up the ligaments in my right knee in 1987. Having no insurance I worked out and trained on the knee and it kept re-injuring it until I was basically unable to walk. This was about 1990. Since then I had 3 knee surgeries to try to repair as much as possible and I had several ligament replacements and bone/tissue removal until there were ablut 2 ligaments left allowing me to only flex it about half way and I could do little more than walk.

    In April of this year I collapsed a few times, mostly because I have gained a LOT of weight, so I went to the doctor and he said my only hope was total knee replacement with some artificial ligaments added to try to stabilize it. I have the surgery late april and now I'm walking and have nearly the full range of motion and I rarely even use a cane anymore.
    dang, post is too long, I'll reply again with the resy. heh
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