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May 5, 2022
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I'm guessing you didn't notice that the last post in this thread was in 2009...
Why would that matter if I just came across it today? It would be nice to have an update after 13 years, hopefully the OP will reply with something

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Sep 3, 2009
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Why would that matter if I just came across it today? It would be nice to have an update after 13 years, hopefully the OP will reply with something
Possible, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.


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Thank you for this thread! I practiced under Master Kim (age of 4) from 1986 until 1994 in Louisville KY @ Kim's Tae Kwon Do. He was my hero! The school was originally in Hikes Point but later moved to J-town. I had, at that time, two older brothers (Cannon) and all three of us became 2nd and 3rd degree blackbelts under Master Kim. I would like to add in response to a post above, our school was not Kukkiwan at that time, but another affiliation. Later in my 20's I briefly practiced under GrandMaster Lee (Master Kim's previous Master in Korea) before he passed away, later his youngest son briefly took over, and later a previous student did. We would wear the old school uniforms that had to be securely tied in two places lest your chest would be exposed. This style later changed when Olympic TKD became popular and the V neck style was adopted. There was something special about the old Do-Baks, seeing that red or black stripe go all the way down the corners.
Master Kim wasn't the tallest person, but he was rock solid, and his techniques were awe inspiring. He was also really funny, though English wasn't his first language. As a child, if we weren't completely paying attention, he would say, "Thinking about chocolate?", in a funny manner. He was never mean, but always focused, and would sometimes walk around with a bamboo sword and lightly hit areas we need work on, such as, our Yup Cha Gi, our pla ted toes weren't pointed back towards the wall at a 90 degree angle, which gives increased power to the kick.
Our practices were tough, even as children, which included kicking candles off eachother's heads, walking on broken glass, running through snow, and obviously bare knuckle push-ups on concrete and hardwood floors. It was no joke. We had many great instructors including Mr. Artuneon (forgive misspelling), Miss Pam, Mr. Kyle, and Mr. Wisdom. They were all apart of our childhood and the nostalgia is still very much alive. I came across this thread after waking up from an amazing dream. In the dream were many of the previous students and teachers all together and we were at a reunion. There was celebration but also many were putting their uniforms on to begin practicing and I was so excited to see everyone that I woke up. It's making me tearful just thinking about it. I'm sure many I'm thinking of will never see this, but just incase, thank you for the amazing memories together and wonderful childhood. XOXO
I'm glad I was able to help you relive some good memories. And thanks for sharing them here. Dirty Dog knows that I'm rarely on here lately. I'm glad I saw your post today. I trained under Master Kim in Illinois from 1982-1986. I was his first student to train with him from white to black belt in the US. He had purchased the Illinois dojang from another master, so he had help. But he was in charge...always. He would practice his side kick in front of the mirror with such focus. It was a thing of beauty. I still try to make mine look like his today. It still doesn't. lol.

He used an oak stick with both the kids and adult classes. He use it to move our feet into the right position. He'd ask the kids if they were thinking about chocolate when their heads were elsewhere during class. I was a teen in the adult class, so he didn't say that to me. However, he when I brought my girlfriend to the dojang, he did ask me in front of the whole room, if I was thinking about my girlfriend when I was unfocused. The black belts gave me grief about that for a month. lol!

I went to his Hike's Point dojang on spring break in 1987 and stayed with him and his family for the week. That was a special time. I miss those days. I'm in some contact with him and his daughter. When I talk with him on the phone, it's hard to remember that I'm not his 17 year old student anymore. He was my height. But to me, he was 10 feet tall. Here's him giving me my first dan in 1985.

Thanks again for sharing your memories and allowing me to share mine.

Master Kim and me March 1985.jpg

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