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Dr. Chapel as I stated before I like the idea behind the certification thing. I believe that's a fantastic way to make people earn their rank and keep it. Thumbs up for enforcing such a matter. As you stated some students elected not to teach yet settle for where their at. Are there two types of certificates you follow for both crowds? How do you seperate the curriculum for both? If you have two students that start around the same time and they each follow seperate curriculums does one get a promotion faster since they do not get involved in the instructor program?

No they both promote at the same time, however those working toward degrees beyond what we call a B.S. degree to advanced levels, are assigned mentoring and internship responsibilities requiring more effort. They are responsible for more information, and the ability to convey.

Yes there are separate documents. The Teaching Credential allows you to teach at certificated levels. The diploma indicates you have passed the courses and at what level.

The student body is almost completely comprised of persons with advanced academic degrees up to an including jurist doctorates (J.D.) and Medical Doctors, who understand the structure. Those without advanced degrees bring significant life experience from law enforcement, military special forces, and/or business professional technical knowledge and skill.

Great group of significantly intelligent people in the student body who you can't sell bull to. I love it. Great student body.
In my experience, I've only asked the what ifs for techniques I've been working on for quite a long time.
A while ago one of the black belts modified some of the techniques to fit better real sits and wanted me to work them this way. They were techs I was working on for only a few weeks and felt it wasn't right as I didn't still got the principles working there in the ideal phase. I felt very confused at the time.
So I think you can be working in the what ifs for some techniques at the same time you're learning new techniques in the ideal phase.
That of course, won't apply to lower belts :p

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