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Sep 14, 2016
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Hello all. I just found out this game on App Store and have played for over 2 hours for now (in server 3).

Kung Fu All-Star is an exciting Kung Fu mobile game with some famous fighters from classic movies such as Game of Death and Once Upon a Time in China II (Saw these on the Facebook)

Here is a video on youtube, think it's from the developer.

Not sure the reason but you can play Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Mike Tyson in this game with different names like Billy (Bruce Lee), Lawrence (Chuck Norris) and Malik (Mike Tyson).

The control is pretty good. You can easily enjoy different fighting style like Jeet Kune Do, Karate or Wing Chun. Recently they have released two Muay Thai fighters, but I havent got them.

Also, personally I like the funny character design, trash talk and voice acting. So I recommend this game to all martial arts fans or anyone likes fighting games.

Btw, it's a mobile game on Google Play and App Store, the following is the download link
Google Play: Kung Fu All-Star: MMA Fight - Android Apps on Google Play
App Store: Kung Fu All-Star: MMA Tournament of Death on the App Store


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Oct 13, 2006
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I'm sure there's lots to like but we don't 'play' martial arts games much here lol we actually do them. It's much more satisfying actually hitting real people you see.
I hope you are getting commission though. :)


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Mar 30, 2016
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Well the reason the names are different are so they don't get sued. Bruce lees character called billy that's probably a reference to game of death where his character was called billy lo. Personally I'm not a fan of martial art video games I mean ill play the ufc video games or the fight night boxing ones but all the arcade style stuff just doesn't appeal to me even console ones. Mobile games even less are the control sets are even more limiting but hey each to their own if you enjoy it great and maybe it'll inspire you to take up martial arts yourself (if you don't already)
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