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Sep 11, 2006
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Kenpo Wedge
By Nubreed - Mon, 10 Dec 2007 08:19:31 GMT
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Kenpo Karate Wedge Tactics

Kenpo wedge tactics, I have uncovered something that I feel is very effective in combat. Kenpo gives me the tools, but it is up to me now to make them work.

The wedge is accomplished by making a wedge with your hands in front of you. Like diving into the opponent's centerline, or for that matter like the openning salutation in Kenpo. Right hand covered by the left, just open your hands and point them at your opponent. Duck your head alone side your arms and go.. You have to have the timing right to catch his attack half way out. I have found that this tactic works in real combat situations. I will just say that I have gain much experience using this tactic at a young age. I believe that in self defense if you can't get out of it. Better to get all the way in it.

The great thing about the wedge is that it covers the centerline, it's weak for round arm attacks and uppercuts but all you do is raise the level of the arm up and shoot for the eyes. In a real attack you don't have time to find out what hand he is going to punch with, you just pick up the forward movement and shoot it in. We have a technque in Kenpo called the wedge, for a front two hand push. We can't list the breakdowns?

Once you trap one arm, attack the open gates. you can deliver straight punches to the head and to the body. What I have found if you hit the head, them drop and hit the body, then back to the head using straight and overhead rights and hooks work. You have one arm to strike around and if your trained your hands will find the opennings.

The delayed cross, shoulder fakes, and low kicks to the shins help open up the centerline of the opponent as well. You can then straight blast (chain punch your way in) The wedge works off of the principles of cutting and jamming the line, With this tactic against an opponent's attack you can use hands, elbows, forearms, to jam at the root of the punch. Remember the root of any punch or kick starts at the shoulder or hip.

I have uncoverred that you can enter straight into the center of the attack (centerline) with what I call (inside wedge) The wedge will also work on the outside of the right arm (outside wedge) on the outside of the left arm. It can be done by splitting one arm on the outside and one on the inside on both arms (Spitting wedge). Also you can incorperate double hand (scooping), or double inward hooking blocks. Here is some of the techniques from my Kenpo training that I feel will work within his application or entry to attack. These techniques maybe in part or the whole technique!

Here is the first technique: inside wedge

1. Wedge- Lock fingers together to double hammerfist downward to nose, double knuckle punch to chest
a. Add rt. elbow to chin, rt. poke to eyes
b. Add grab arms, rt. front kick to groin step down, double arm throw over shoulder.

2. Kenpo Vice concepts- double chop to calor bones, double eye pokes

3. Falling tree concepts- wedge, with lt. horizontal thrusting chop to chest, rt. downward chop to calor bone, grab head, pull down to rt. knee to stomach, lt. knee to head, rt. front kick to groin.

4. Whip concepts- lt. horizontal thrust chop to chest, ri. chop to calor bone, double tiger claw down face.

5. Winding elbow concepts- rt. chop outward to neck, grab head wrap around neck, pull down to lt. elbow to back of head, rt elbow to spine

6. Whirlwind concepts-
a. wedge and scooping, rt. knuckle rake to nose.
b. wedge and scooping, rt. uppercut to solar plexus

7. Blocking the sun concepts- lt. thrusting heel palm to face, with rt. chop to throat

8. Monkey's elbow concepts-rt. chop inside to bicep, follow with heel palm either hand

9. Cutting Pagoda concepts- diagonal rt. elbow to solar plexus, lt. elbow to solar plexus, rt. vertical punch to nose.

10. Flashing daggers concepts- wedge, rt. chop to to ribs, lt. chop to throat, rt. punch to face.

All the above techniques are follow ups to the wedge entries. You can add your brand of throwing, takedowns etc. what ever you want? I like to throw after soften them up. These are some of the inside wedge entries, I will cover the outside, splitting, and scooping at a later time. I would like some input on what you think of my linking, the systems and techniques. Nubreed


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