Internal Arts Represented Here

Which Internal Art do YOU study?

  • Xingyiquan (Shanxi, Honan, Hubei, etc.)

    Votes: 25 28.4%
  • Taijiquan (Chen, Yang, Sun, Wu, Hao/Wu, etc.)

    Votes: 48 54.5%
  • Baguazhang (pick a style, any style!)

    Votes: 33 37.5%
  • Liuhebafa

    Votes: 4 4.5%
  • Yiliquan

    Votes: 7 8.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 21 23.9%
  • Not Applicable

    Votes: 8 9.1%

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for an internal style im studying and teaching Chen style Tai-chi
No kicks in Tai Chi i must have been doing it wrong for years then.
Dear Moon,

I think you probably have been doing it wrong. If you were doing it right you'd be going bald and have a gut.
You should take up a real martial art; study with someone who has Yin Yang hands and lives in Mark's Cave.
I must have missed this one before....

Tai Chi Chuan, my instructors are under William CC Chen.
Oh Pooh Khatami i am doing it wrong because believe it or not you have just described my teacher but he lives with lots of nice looking oriental people who look very fit but some how he is bald and has a beer gut. You also missed out that he is not as handsome as myself and gets lost on motorways. I will have to go back to Marks cave with all the good looking hippies live. Though i do believe Tai Chi has kicks because last time i attempted to do pushing hands with my teacher i lost count of the number of times he managed to get his skinny short legs of the floor and kick my ***.
I started pa kua about a year ago and it has opened my eyes to a large spectrum of new ideas and energies.
I do Yang style Tai Chi

I have practiced Xingyi, Bagua and some Chen style Tai Chi.

I am not sure if it is considered internal, but I have started training in yiquan as well.

chee said:
there is no blocking in Taiji only redirect

As far as kicks go, she's calling it separate as in opening up the opponent's stance or redirecting a kick. If there are what we call kicks in Taiji then it would be low ones just to use for redirect or small sweep or directed at a knee.

I beg to differ. If you believe there are no blocks or kicks in Tai Chi you have never watched traditional Chen style, practically the Chen family new frame as done by Chen Zhenglei. You have also never seen the fast forms of Yang style. And you are omitting part of Fajing practice.
Yizong Gao style baguazhang.

"I'm sure you can find a number of qualified Yang tai chi teachers through their organization."

Bai He and Changquan maybe, Taiji? not so much.
tshadowchaser said:
Some tajiguan-Yang not enough so I'd claim to know it only the most basic of introduction to it
Still looking for an instructor close to me

I live in Quincy and teach there as well as Cambridge.

I am starting classes on August 19th.

Feel free to email me for any help I can provide.

Be well,

Dale Dugas
I was doing a random search on Google and came across that.

Personally, I thought it was good for a piece of satire on that particular subject matter. Certainly captured what I know about LHBF and what I didn't know about. I wasn't aware of the many other names for LHBF before. Of course, it isn't as good as Douglas Adams' work.

I would agree that satire isn't something that's laugh-out-loud funny. Also seems to be an acquired taste. Having read that article, I think it's a good thing to not take my art too seriously and be honest about the ridiculous internal culture. I might have to refer it to practitioners of LHBF I know personally.

Here's a serious site that's also not by me:

And I apologise to those who I may have insulted.
barnaby said:
Wing Chun is an internal art.

I would much more classify it as a external art, though your school may incorporate internal aspects from other arts, and or Qi Gong, it does not make it an internal art.
I agree. According to the (standard) definition of an internal system (as used in China), Wing Chun is not one of the neijia class.
my school does not "bring in" internal elements -- my school of Wing Chun was developed, and is taught as an internal art primarily. I'm sure you all have good reasons for seeing the categories as such, and I'm sure this general opinion has much to do with a majority of the WC schools out there, but I bow out for the purposes of this strand. Perhaps on a strand in the Wing Chun section here, I will work on a more detailed argument to this point.
I mean no disrespect to Wing Chun, I use to train it and I am returning to it.

But it is generally not classified with internal Chinese martial arts. That does not mean that it does not have internal aspects just that it is not classified as such.

Internal Martial Arts - Neijia

Xingyi although classified among internal CMA is also sometimes referred to as Internal/External.
You should break down the classes of internal arts.

The Three Orthodox Internal arts (as Identified by Sun LuTang who started this whole distinction):

Tai Chi

Arts decended from the 3 orthodox arts:

Liu Ba He Fa

Other Arts ussually regarded as internal:

Various Wudong Styles

Arts having significant internal components:

Bak Mei
Wing Chun (argueably...)
etc. etc. etc. (there will be quite a few)

Honarary mention (as it is technically a Japanese art):


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