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Apparently I should host the new version of the $25,000 question on the upcoming Martial Art channel. Anyone have a cheesy rug and a plaid sport coat I can borrow for the audition?

white belt

I hear crickets again. Somebody out there has a clue (?).
Palgwae forms were developed in the midpoint of the KTA (second coming) to further unify taekwondo. The represented kwans within the KTA, which I figure were more than 9 at that point but 9 being the major players, developed the palgwae poomse, almost from scratch. I say almost because the schools influence was heavy on the development. For example (fictional btw just and example that could happen) the chung do kwan school developed the 4th form and they decided they wanted to include the diamond block backstance technique because it was prominent in their own schools series of forms. Thus schools added their own flavor to the forms, which actually went away from the purpose of getting away from the kwan system and unifieing taekwondo.

You can actually see the older influence on the palgwae forms as they are all very similar to karate. Much lower stances. There isn't one hi stance in the entire palgwae series to my knowledge.

Later on after the KKW was spawned from the KTA, the Taeguek poomse were developed. Once again the kwans helped develop in association with the KKW, but this time it was totally from scratch.

Anyone else have other info?
BTW whitebelt, I'll go back and see if I can get some dates for you, this is just off the top of my head.
Anytime, good question btw. Just had a discussion in class about this so it's still pretty fresh.
Our organization practices the Palgue Forms and WTF BB Poomse, and in my opinion they are better than Taegeuk and just as good as the ITF forms. The first set (Palgue Il-Palgue Sam) are designed to teach traditional TKD basics: solid stances, hip twist, combinations etc. The second set (Palgue Sa-Pal) are designed to continue basics while adding practical self defense technique. If you notice, Palgue Sa and above are quite difficult and technically more complex, designed to show powerful self defense from various siuations. That is, if you analyze them to understand what you are doing. Nothing really fancy (no spinning or jumping kicks), and not designed to be. Those techniques you can practice on your own.

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