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Oct 13, 2002
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I wanted to take a poll and see how many classes you can go to a week at your school. Mine is twice a week. 3 times is optional. Does anyone take class every day? Should I be in every day?

This first depends on the school. Some schools such as ours offer classes 5-6 times a week for different ranks. Others I have seen classes as limited to 1 time a week!.

Here is my tip. I train when I can. If I get my work done and can be in my class 3-4 time a week then great! If not..and I miss the whole week then I miss. I at least try to average 2-3 a week if I can this gives me time to assimilate the info that I am learning.

For you if your school offers available class times and you can make it great! More power to you. Glad to see you are enthusiastic about your new found journey.

The one I used to goto had classes 6 times a week, I went to about 3-4 on average. I've been to another small school that offers classes 2 times a week.

Train as much as *you* want to train. Have the desire to train 16 hours a day and the persevernce to see it through? Then go for it! But most of us (like me for example) can't train that much. I suggest going 3 times a week but if you only go twice thats great too. 2 times is all I do a week right now.
I only get into class 1 day a week. The other 6 days are spent at home during the evening practicing sets, forms, techniques.
I'm in class at minimum four days a week. There's class five days, but I have to miss a day so I can do my homework. I'd be there five days if I wasn't still in school.

Train whenever you can. I'd say a minimum of three days a week as a beginner, because if you go less often than that, you tend to forget stuff.
My school is open 6 days a week (Mon. - Sat.) There are several classes offered on each of those days, so depending on your experience and ranking one can train several times a week at my school :)

When I first started in Martial Arts I used to train 3, maybe 4 classes at most a week. Lately, however, I've been preparing for our black belt test which we had last weekend. So, I had been training 6 days a week, and participating in up to 9 classes to be well prepared. I guess you can call me a TKD training addict but I just enjoy going to my dojang and working up a really good sweat :karate:

Since the test is over I'll be scaling back my training schedule to a more reasonable level, how sad :(
At least my old bones will appreciate the change!
At a minimum 5 classes, but maxing out at 6 classes per week, is where I am. I can stay here for a while, but I'm aiming for sustainable goals...

If you kids end up at .50 percent or less and I done answer, email me at csnell
Seig and I offer classes for adults Mon-Fri evenings and Kids classes 3 evenings a week. Private lessons are available on Saturday by appointment.

Not everyone is able to make it every night. Some adults come 5 nights some come just one depending on their life schedule.

Some of the kids make it every class, others aren't able to.
We follow the I.K.K.O. curriculum and are quite rigid. If a student only comes to class one night or 2 a week, they fall behind the others who make it to all.
My instructors studio has a very flexible schedule. You can attend classes, both children and adults up to 6 days a week and you can attend more than one class a day of you choose.

At the moment I am doing 4 classes a week, for a minimum of 2 hrs a day. The higher belts are allowed to attend the lower belt classes as long as they realise that they will only be working on lower belt techniques and anything new will have to wait for their appropriate class.

He also has what he calls "Extra Help" classes running for 30 min each day. Where if you've fallen behind you can attend. No workout, just various basics and techniques for that class.

I think he worked it out once that if you where a real "training nut" you could attend upto 13 adult classes in a single week. I'm not that crazy thankfully, I don't usually train on the weekends, unless there is a seminar or the like. Weekends are my time off.

We have 4. In order to keep my wife happy, I go to 2 classes
per week. If I miss a class one week, then I'll attend 3 the
following week, so I keep it at an average of 2.
When i first started training, we only had one class a week, but it was mostly private lessons. now, the school i'm working out in has classes 6 days a week. depending on my schedule, i go from 2-5 days a week. the more the better!!

Fellow Artists,
In theory I have option to train 12 hours a week, encompassing three diffrent arts, at three seprate locations, and two diffrent schools. But I've found my limit is around eight in one art, then trading hours from that art for the others. Any more and my school work suffers and I get burnout. Of course that doesn't count the hours helping around the school, changing the sign, assiting in class. There was an idea floating around for me to just live there. I wonder what Mstr. T would charge in R&B......
I go to 2-4 sessions per week, depending on how angry my wife is. :)

Unfortunately, I rarely get the opportunity to practice at home, so I pretty much have to rely on class-time training. Luckily my studio allows us to come to as many sessions as we like.
I just recently found out class is going to be 2x per week for my school now. I think this is great overall, but I am concerned. To go to class I drive 90 miles one way. The distance does not bother me, but the time away from family does. that translates to an extra 6 hours away just to drive.

I will be lucky to make it 1 time per week for the next 6 to 8 months. I think my instructor would be somewhat willling do some privates, So it may not be as serious as i think. There are a couple of local Goju schools but I am interested in Kenpo and would like to stick to one art for now.

If I could, I would train every day in school. I like the feel. It helps get me into the right mindset. I do practice @ home but maybe not as diligently as I would if I could make it to class every day.

I would suggest taking advantage of every training opportunity you have, time permitting.

Good Luck

I offer classes 6 days a week, all classes open to all people, with the exception of kid's class being kid's only.
In our school an adult can take 4 classes per week(1 hour classes). If they join the long term program(black belt club) then they can take 5 classes per week, and once you hit blue belt you can take 6 classes per week. The same holds true for youth classes ages 7 to about 12. The 4,5, and 6 year olds get 3 1/2 hour classes per week.

I try to attend 3-4 classes per week, but I also help teach 3-4 classes per week, so you could say I get 6-8 classes per week because you do learn so much more when you have to teach someone.
the reason I asked everyone is that my school offers 2 classes a week, 3 optional for an hour each. If I wanted more I guess I could do private lessons or maybe they"ll add more classes. It sure is addicting though.
I just recently found out class is going to be 2x per week for my school now. I think this is great overall, but I am concerned. To go to class I drive 90 miles one way. The distance does not bother me, but the time away from family does. that translates to an extra 6 hours away just to drive.

It's a tough situation. Juggling your martial arts journey with all the other, very important things in your life... especially family! That's a big one. Like me, your family is young, these are the crucial years no doubt about it!! Your zeal in class and your effort on your own is obvious to me and all your classmates. Going once a week will not restrict you. The Monday night class is mostly for the new white belts that recently joined and are about to join, as well as a couple of guys who have the same rank as yourself but have been 'out of it' for about 2 years and have some rust to be beaten off of them. Monday night is 2 hours, Saturday morning is 3. If you have to chose only one to come to, chose the Saturday. It will be geared more toward your next level anyway. Privates are not just possible, but I'd be more than happy to give them! Good discount as well. I'll help you in any way that I can.
Give me a call, I'll explain even more.
I understand your delima 101% and want to give you the support that you need.
Your Brother and teacher