Ed Parker Jr. names his father's successor: GM Michael Pick !!!

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Jan 29, 2006
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My father said on many an occasion these words. "My son is my right hand, and my wife is my left, what foot would you like to be?" Edmund Kealoha Parker Sr. had one son and one son only. I AM THAT SON, I AM HIS HEIR. If you do not like this come to my house and take away the blood from my veins.

My path is alone and my journey is difficult in kenpo. During my years in this community I have been stepped on and spit on all because of who my father is/was. The sad thing is the ones that spit are my so called kenpo family. So I say spit away because I will not give up my rights as my fathers son no matter how many people feel differently.

I find it ironic how people will use my name and words when it becomes convenient to use it as bullets against others when it serves them and other times the same people use my name and words to attack me as well. The reckless use of peoples lives and memories to serve a pointless fight. I had no idea that I was born into a shooting gallery.

Like a monkey with a gun we use our recklessness to hurt or harm others. We think that we are being laser precise with our attacks but they are like lobbing a grenade into a crowd. No one has a right to come into the American Kenpo community and reinvent history. I was born into this industry, and it was I that saw each and every high ranking student of my fathers start off from the beginning to the time of my fathers passing. I developed my own relationship with each of these individuals. It is my relationships. Some have been around for 47 years within my entire life.

I resent the fact that I am forced to have to come online to clean up others messes. It takes me away from my passions which is my art. Ron Chap'el, I love you dearly and it was you that I earned my black belt from many years ago. But I have not been on the mat with you in over 8 years. It is time to stop speaking for me on a public forum. I had to ask Sean Kelley (whom I also love dearly) to do the same on another forum. You both need to present your selves in a better way, you are both better than this. You are both my friends and it makes me mad to see you place me in the middle of this drama.

If I named Michael Robert Pick as a successor to my father, so what? (Even though I did not) I have the right to say what I want on behalf of my father more than any and all of his students, PERIOD! Mike Pick was the one man who my father used to be the "Bull" and anyone who grew up in American Kenpo knew this. He was the one and only guy my father had watch his back in the fashion that he did. All knew if Mike Pick came to see you he was there on behalf of my father. In my opinion Mike is the one true American Kenpo Patriot.

When it comes to opinions I stand alone. I am upset at the idea that people are using and twisting my words to service there own agenda. I am an extremely calculated individual and I find that when it comes to a public event (internet, award ceremonies, tournaments, seminars and camps) I choose my words carefully. I knew what I said publicly and what I did not.

No one has to take kenpo, it is a luxury, it is also something that is to be enjoyable. If not find something else to do. The are not enough bullies attacking us in the street now a days, so we stop using our fists and use our words. They hurt more and cut deeper we have proven that the pen is way mightier than the sword. The sad thing is how many become the bully. When they came to kenpo to defend themselves against a bully and wind up becoming the bully.

After all of this public drama that has arisen these past few weeks I have decided to write a book. The internet is a "Trailer Park Trash" way of communication. It is reckless and harmful more than not. I cannot communicate my 47 year journey and the things I have seen and the history I know with a few paragraphs on the internet. This will be my one and only shot to speak the depth that I feel needs to be shared. This project should take me the next few years to finish.

Please stop this reckless crusade or at least take a vacation from it. It does not help no matter how you justify this. Just for the record this is not a debate this is a statment and I will not entertain more on this topic as it is a time sponge to me.

Go back to the mats and do what you all do best. Teach!!!!

I will go back to do what I do best, draw and document my history.


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May 5, 2005
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That is quite possibly one of the funniest and most succinct synopses I have ever seen.


Glad I could make some of the right people laugh during all of this. I may not be 100% percent right all the time (who is?) but you can't argue that I love Kenpo and the Kenpo community. Stuff like this while being laughable only serves to drive a wedge deeper between all of the families. Who cares who is the "real McCoy"? I remember when I was a colored belt my instuctor told me to enjoy being a colored belt because at Black Belt everything changes and you see the "ugly side" of things. I had no idea what he meant when he said "politics". Now I do and it saddens me to no end.

P.S. to the caller I offended in the past, my apologies. That is never my intention as hopefully Doc can vouch for. Salute.

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Mar 11, 2004
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Out of respect for both Mr. Parker Sr. and Mr. Parker Jr., and to avoid any further tension regarding this matter, this thread is now being closed.

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