Crashing Elbow and sister techs...


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Dec 8, 2005
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We actually have two different Crashing Elbows. The first one is taught in the advanced orange belt, with the other one (A and B) being taught when the student is working towards their 3rd degree brown.

The shorter one goes like this:

Step with the left to 11, right soft hand block

Cross step with the right past the attacker to 10

Drive a right elbow through the ribs as you turn to 6 into a hardbow

As you hit the hardbow, the left elbow strikes the attackers head, as it comes down in response to the elbow through the ribs. The right elbow is also extended as a counter balance.

The advanced versions are longer, with two spins in combination with different strikes, driving the attacker back to the conclusion of the technique.

Great techniques to teach you to keep your back straight and your head up, otherwise you run the risk of spinning off into the sunset...

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