People who try to control your elbow.

mook jong man

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May 28, 2008
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Matsudo , Japan
Sometimes in Chi Sau sparring you get these people that try to control you by pushing your tricep , or elbow across and up on your Bong Sau arm .

I know this used to be one of my favourite tactics and it works great against a tense individual , they get turned side on and pushed off their stance and then its game over. I thought I had discovered this unbeatable new move , that is until I tried it when chi sau sparring one of my instructors .

As soon as he felt the sideways force on his arm he sank his elbow down into Tan Sau the force of which pulled my head and upper body down until my face was looking straight at the point of his elbow strike. Needless to say that was the last time I used that move .

I worked a lot on the counter he had showed me , which is to sink the elbow straight away into Tan Sau and transfer the force down . But at that time my sensitivity wasn't that crash hot and sometimes a fast guy would already have my elbow halfway across before I could detect it and rotate it down.

So just by experimentation I came up with a recovery technique of sorts , if by chance you are to slow to sink your elbow into Tan Sau , just let your arm go limp and go with his force . When your at the point where your elbow is almost all the way across and he thinks that he's got you .

Make your arm scribe a small circle with the elbow and then your arm comes back around in a spring like action and you palm strike him with a horizontal palm under the side of the jaw.
Keep the circle tight and economical .

I'm not saying its going to work against any one thats really good but it does work against a lot of people. And when you are at the point where your arm is way out of position anyway with your arm up around your neck I reckon its worth a shot.