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Aug 13, 2002
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I have to agree with Yiliquan1 in that an instructor who has no documentation for his/her students is creating a big problem for the student later on. This issue about the letter for the one student, what happens if that student takes up another system after his instructor has passed on, there is no one to write a letter then.

Also, I think that a student who is so worried about what rank people think they have, needs a few more lessons before allowing them to continue their MA training. Why does the rank, or belt the student wears make that big of a difference? I think they have their head in the wrong place. If they are really wanting to learn the new system they would want to start at the begining themselves. They wouldn't even ask to be allowed to carry their ranking.



1. No; they would start at white belt and like in most systems learn quickly in progression through the art.
1a. Yes, there would be similarites; say the style is a leg man style like Shorin-ryu, TKD, or Shaolin Quan etc,. The two styles would use basically the same types of kicks, with a few more to be learned or left out. Blocking would not be as similar, yet it could be picked-up rather easily. In striking it would not be very difficult to combine linear and circular motions. The habit of un chambering the fist would have to become natural.
2. Basically, the non-black belt holder (whether similar or not) would start as said in 1a. at white belt.
3. Through letters from his teacher to others. Yet, as you said, no rank certificates etc,. Yet, his teacher has turned the school over to him for health reasons.
4. Basically yes; starting them at brown belt.
5. David Johnson is my teacher's teacher. If i said that he was Chuck Norris would it have made a difference? The point in adding the moive training sentence was that it is true and gives a reference to the man's character. And yes it was revelant because it was posted. You cannot control my conversation.
6. Chi/Qi as a man of your stature knows; and Duce is another way of saying the word and number 2. The existence of 2 Chi's, either yin or yang. Chiduce just means the harmony of the 2 chi's in producing the wuji state.
Sincerely, In Humility;

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