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Sep 1, 2002
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well, just another one of the many experiences represented here...I studied Chinese Kenpo starting out, then when i moved away to college, i continued my chinese kenpo, just seeing my instructor when i could (6 hours away), and began teaching children's self-defense in a few YMCA schools. I also started training in American karate, which was almost like a watered down form of kenpo. Then, after that school folded, i had no place to work out (or the time) for about a year.

I recently found a TKD dojang near my home, and went there, just to workout, and learn something new, etc. When I started, i wore a white belt. My instructor knew that i had a black belt in another style, but wanted to see what i was about. after a while, he gave me a black belt with white stripe to wear, recognizing that i had rank in another style, but was beginning anew with TKD. i am going through the ranks, just much faster than he normally allows students to progress. and since i do have a solid hold on the basics - slightly different, but i caught on quickly, he now has me do drills with the more advanced students. i enjoy it. but, if there are no advanced students in the class, i just drill with the others on the basics. so, i get the best of both worlds!!

just my .02,
I too once studied a style called American karate/American Self-Defense, which was a modified form of kenpo. The modifications didn't seem well thought out, it seemed to me. After 6 months (when the contract expired), I switched to karate (and no contracts).
once again, i hit the wrong button!! this was intended as a reply to another thread...oh well, i guess it stands on its own too!!!


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