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Any ideas for a quick self defence move for getting out of a bear hug from behind - both under your arms and over your arms? I have to do it for a grading.

Here are two kenpo techniques:

CAPTURED TWIGS (rear- bear hug around waist with arms pinned)
1. With your feet together and your opponent's arm around you, step off toward 9 o'clock with your left foot into a horse stance, facing 12:00, as you simultaneously pin your opponent's hands (to your body) with your left hand. Just as your weight settles into your horse stance execute a right back hammer fist strike to your opponent's groin.
2. Immediately bring your right foot into a right cat stance (turning 90 degrees while facing 3 o'clock) as your left hand releases the pin, clears your opponent's left arm and covers the front of your face as a check if needed. Simultaneous with the action of your left arm have your right hand cover your groin and proceed to clear opponent's right arm.
3. Do a right heel stomp to your opponent's right instep.
4. Slide your right foot back toward 3:00 into a horse stance, facing 12:00. Immediately have your right forearm contour up the middle of your opponent's body as you execute a right vertical obscure elbow strike to the underside of your opponent's chin. Have your right arm snap back after the strike and cover your groin


Crashing Wings

Attack: The opponent is standing flush behind you, grabbing you in a hearhug with your arms free.


1.From a natural stance, slide your right foot towards 3:00 and settle into a wide horse stance as you execute two downward elbow strikes to the radial nerves of the opponent's two arms.

2.Chamber your hands along your right hip as you slide your left foot through a reverse cat and behind the opponent's right leg - into a transitional reverse bow stance. As soon as your left foot establishes its base, rotate counterclockwise into a left side horse stance (or left neutral bow stance) and execute a left outward elbow strike towards the opponent's head. Simultaneous with this strike chamber your right fist vertically above the right side of your head and in line-of-side of his bladder/groin. Continue your counterclockwise flow and wrap around the opponent's right arm with your left arm as you rotate into a solid left forward bow stance and execute a right hammerfist to his bladder/groin area.
ah...but the question was what is a quick move...not a whole technique.

here's a few...that would probably need to be put together if they did not work on there own. no particular sequence...just try them out.

stomp on the instep. (unless you have been lifted off the ground.)

snake your hand behind your leg and give the testicles a good crushing.

if hands are free try reaching around behind to put your thumbs in the attackers eyes.

and then there's the good old rear headbut to the face.

all softening techniques as we tend to call them where i come from. there are plenty more things to do, but those are a few.
Maybe you could just accept the offered affection, and return the hug sometime.


I hope the explanation works.

"When grabbed from behind bend forward slightly at the hips, then straighten up, while simultaneously bending the knees, as if doing a slight squatting motion. Then as you step backwards with one foot settle HARD into your one point. The forward bend along with the subsequent bending of the knees serves to off balance the attacker, while the hard settling causes them to fall on their butt! Saw it & did it in a recent seminar hosted by Mr Angier, and if you ever get a chance to go to one:


Here's an excellent thing that my instructor taught us for just this situation: If the bear hug is over your arms, you step into a horse-stance of to a side, placing your butt into their hips (this forces them to have to bend over, losing control), then you step the leg that's closest to them behind their leg, putting them in a compromising position. At this point, you twist with your torso, and slam them into the ground. If done correctly, you should land on top of them in a side mount, ready to put them in a side-mount arm bar.

If it's under your arm, you start out by locking your arms in tight. The next step will be different, depending on how they are holding on to you. If they are holding on to their wrist, you palm strike the hand that's being held on to. If they're locking their fingers, you pull it off at a weak point (i.e. pinky or thumb. you'll be surprised as to how people react with the manipulation of a single digit). In both of these cases, don't let go after you've broken them down! After their grip is broken, you are able to put their arm into a triangle lock, at which point you simply turn around, and continue lifting their arm and force them to go to the ground, holding them until they either settle down, or have to have their shoulder torn out of their socket.

Bet you never thought you'd hear these things from a TKD school.

My description related to being gripped from behind with the hands pinned. However, if the hands are free then the person has just given you both of their hands to play with - nerve points, joint locking a wrist, moving onto more painful things etc.. But, reaction must be quick lest you're body slammed to the ground.


dumb question... but...

why are you being graded on something you haven't been taught?
Originally posted by nightingale8472

dumb question... but...

why are you being graded on something you haven't been taught?

perhaps just a test to see how creative or spontaneous one can be? or to see how they would approach a certain situation instead of just drilling the set ways of the particular system into her head?

seems like it's just a way to encourage a student to think for themselves...

if that's the case...does it mean you're cheating on the test if you ask us for the solutions? :D
Originally posted by nightingale8472

dumb question... but...

why are you being graded on something you haven't been taught?

Yeah, creativity definitely. At hap we're constantly taught principles and then put into various unknown positions in order to see if we can apply the principle and create a technique for the given situation.

Artful Dodger, what sort of tools do you have at your disposal? For example in our Orange Belt curriculum you are taught hand attacks (ie finger breaks) pressure points, arm bars. Yellow Belt includes S-locks, arm bar under, some more pressure points, Green Belt V-locks, Balance breaks... I think you see where I'm going. Find a technique/principle at your belt level and consider how you can modify it to fit your given situation - int his case the bear hug.

If you are really stuck, crapping yourself might work. It is effective in the animal kingdom.:cool:
Originally posted by Bod

Maybe you could just accept the offered affection, and return the hug sometime.


That would go down really well in a grading.
Originally posted by nightingale8472

dumb question... but...

why are you being graded on something you haven't been taught?

For each belt we have to do a self defense technique. They feel like a bit of an afterthought to me, almost like "we're learning a martial art so I guess we better do some self defence." If self defense was my main reason for doing martial arts I wouldn't be doing TKD. The techniques you are supposed to be able to get out of get progressively harder as the belts go on. Bear hugs are for the green belt syllabus. We don't do much on self defence at all though and I was kind of waiting to be taught something - but 2 weeks away from grading I thought maybe it was time to ask! Its just like a small bit tapped onto the end of the grading. Thanks for all the answers. I was really interested to hear how the different arts approached the same problem and I'll be back here again for the next grades self defence. Meanwhile I'm off to try them out and see what suits me best .....

If it's a regular bear hug from behind then you are still able to bend your forearms up and down so move your hips to one side and give him a few slaps or hammer fists to the groin to start things rolling. Also try maybe to grab just one finger and bust it and he'll be sure to let go.

Just some thoughts

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