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  • Hey you got some funny and interesting posts/threads going! I'm too lazy to answer but when I get home I'll try to offer something (uh... not sure, but well).
    Good thing you keep writing. I think the forum's been too quiet lately!
    It's better like that, then. I just didn't want to make it seem like I had deleted your visitor message because there was something inappropriate in it. :D
    Really? But I really seem to have tried to see visitor messages in another person's profile and it seemed to appear! But I maybe mistaken. :p
    This visitor message thing is so crazy. You wrote in that old times through here because I wasn't grasping how PM worked... Later I deleted your visitor message (that was more like a helping message) and instead of showing nothing it showed "user deleted message". What's the point!
    LOL. Seems like you have a full inbox, yourself! Awsome! Thanks for the input, I'll investigate it further!!
    I wrote to you several times in response to the PM you sent me,but the site tells me your PM box is full.I tried to place the comment on your Visitor's box,but MT ate it.I will put it back up a little later today.K?
    Heeey man.Haven't heard from you,O Martial Talk Master Black Belt,in awhile.I put up a new thread with a couple of new videos that I think you might like.Please check them out and comment on the videos.If you like them? Please give them a Thumbs Up...YouTube is offering me a Partnership and I'm trying to sweeten the pot as much as possible by cataloguing the positive responses I get.Usually I just talk directly to people who say positive or negative (but constructive) things,but YT seems to value the Thumbs Up and stuff in a different way.Thus my request of you and whoever drops by your page.Peace.
    I seem to have received a message from you but I only see mushi mushi character. Is that the message? Sorry, I'm kind of new to these forum things.
    showing off is alot different than sharing things with others,I agree ,I dont like show offs,but I do like when others share simple tips and or knowledge.Its easy to see some clips on vids and believe what you just viewed is everything they have or do.When in reality its really a very small portion of what one does ,or has within himself.But all in all ,one can see in quick video minute if they are skilled or lacking,generally if one has done nothing except martial art for 30 plus yrs all day every day ,(not go to work then do martial art ) they tend to have skills,however Im open to suggestion etc....good chatting with you....thank you for responding
    Hi thank you very much for your kindness and taking the time to view my videos,thankyou again for sharing your wisdom you have videos of yourself ,that I may view..
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