Wanted to share this cute story purely for awww factor.

An assistant at the dojo where my daughter and I train (a 19 yo brown belt) was recently teaching the tots class. As there were 7 or so kids under the age of 6, he was having a time keeping them all focused and moving together. He set my daughter and another kid aside, where they held front position ( bow position) until he came back to them. A minute later, he asked "Do you want to came back and join us here?" (A parent/seasoned instructor would have said "Get over here!") My daughter said no, and continued to hold front position. He kept nicely asking her if she wanted to come back over, and again she kept refusing.
Now, front position gets annoying to hold after two minutes, and hell after five. She was going on *seven* minutes, with sweat rolling down her tiny face. Finally, she relents and goes over and joins back up.
So after class I sat her down and asked her what on earth she was doing.
She said "Fwont position is the position of wespect and I wanted to show Fwank (Frank the assistant) how much I wespected him."

Poor kid. The ideas she comes up with.
That was cool. I really like that story, I will have to remember to tell it ot my wife.
That is too cute, girlychucks :D

A couple of weeks back, I was playing with my 2-year-old daughter in my back yard. She had found a couple of twigs that were just the right size for her. I grabbed a larger stick and had her banging away :) The best part was when she grabbed her little Happy Meal Halloween bucket and put in on her head for a helmet!

PS - my daughter can kick and make fists on command. She'll punch, but unfortunately she does that whenever she darn well feels like it. Let's see if I can get her doing sinawalli by 3 ;)
Great story, gave me a good idea to use that front stance or horse stance on my kids when they aren't behaving in class
Thats a moment when you wish you had a video camera.:angel: