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Nov 17, 2005
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(2009-04-27) — Since the Obama administration’s talk of banning so-called ‘assault weapons’ has resulted in a huge spike in semi-automatic weapon sales nationwide, the White House has recently begun a covert ‘whisper campaign’ suggesting the president might also ban U.S.-manufactured cars and trucks with fully-automatic transmissions, now dubbed ‘assault vehicles’.
President Obama reportedly hopes such chatter will give a much-needed boost to U.S. auto sales.
“These fully-automatics are the weapon-of-choice in the vehicular-manslaughter industry,” said one unnamed White House source. “The automatic transmission allows the killer to accelerate rapidly without the manual process of clutching and shifting gears. Assault vehicles murder roughly four times as many people each year as do firearms. If you include suicides, cars still kill nearly twice as many people compared with all types of guns.”
The administration source also noted that while people with criminal records make up the vast majority of gun-murder victims, ‘assault vehicles’ kill indiscriminately, murdering 39,800 Americans in 2008 alone.
“In most homicide-by-firearm cases, it’s one crook killing another,” said the source. “But automatic transmissions turn law-abiding citizens into killers of other law-abiding citizens, including women, children, seniors and innocent pedestrians.”
Publicly, the administration maintains that it supports an individual’s ‘right to keep and be borne upon wheels’, but the sophisticated whisper campaign is designed both to curry favor with the anti-car lobby, and to boost the economy by driving panic demand for fully automatics.
I needed a good laugh. I need to post that on a truck forum I belong to.
The only thing that could save the Hummer right now would be if Bachmann, Beck, Limbaugh and Madden started screaming about how the Socialist/Muslim/Fascist/Communist Obamanation was going to knock down our doors and take away our four-wheeled penis surrogates. That's probably what GM is hoping for as they try to ditch the brand.
Wow troll much? I mean how many "right wingers" can you get into one post?

Seems as if you are offended by some true stats on gun deaths vs. car deaths. But I am not sure as you are just blowing something out of your head that has nothing to do with the OP...

And lighten up a tad I think every one else got that it is kind of a joke...
But I know joking about Lord Obama makes me a terorist so you must just be looking out for the U.S...

Basicly if you have nothing positive to say, or a thread gets the best of you ... just pass it by and let the adults play...
Steady, gentlemen, if you please. We have enough high tensions in the Study to go around without adding anymore - I have a feeling that this is another one that could do with having a home elsewhere?
A home elsewere? Why?
Because a troll trys to take over the thread and some people are getting sick of it?
Is it comedy? Is it serious political commentary? My guess is the former. Just say the word and I can transfer it to where it can henceforth lie. Oh and accusations of Troll-dom are best done via the RTM system, not in 'open thread' as that violates certain board-wide stipulations. If such reports are made, then the Moderation staff will decide on appropriate action.
No. Because as was stated the OP was a joke... meant to get a laugh and as such more suitable for the Locker Room than the Study. Sukerkin placed an "unofficial" mod nudge to remind everyone to keep the discussion on a friendly level. My nudge should be taken as an official one to keep the discussion on the facts/jokes/whatever at hand and forgo the personal shots in either direction. Keep the argument civil and level headed and no one gets thumped. ;)
Thats cool move it. The effect it will have on me is little.
But it just seems as the moderation on this board leans in a certian direction....
Thanks and sorry for the trouble..
I don't know Jet, I think the mods here are pretty objective and fair.

Personally, I thought your OP was hilarious, and topical. And I thought Tellner's post was kind of irritating and off topic.

So, like you said, let it go. If you don't like Tellner's approach, just ignore him. Either casually, or with that "ignore list" function. The mods just asked that everyone play nice.

So we play nice. The mods try to be unobtrusive, and are often pretty cool posters too. Every once in a while we all get a "nudge." It's nothing personal, and I don't see any bias. I'm sure if you had ignored Tellner, and he'd come back with something like, "Get it? 'Cause Republicans are all the scum of the earth, Amirite? You know, they're jerks, just like you guys." the mods probably would have "nudged" him too. It's their job. And I figure they do pretty good on it.

All that aside, that was a great post. And it wouldn't surprise me at all if the government did try to limit civilian access to all terrain vehicles. In fact, some might argue they already are by taxing large vehicles at a higher rate.

Speaking as the most vocal leaner here, I found the OP hilariously funny, and spot on in the truth in it. Now, if we're going to laugh, it's best served outside the Study, and if we're going to focus on the serious nature (and have a few chuckles here n there) then the study's where it fits best. The goal of this staff isn't to enforce any particular political/religious/whatever agenda, but keep the site running smooth and keep things where they'll get the best response.

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