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Mar 8, 2002
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Grapevine, Texas
I would say that martial arts generally is a good way to excercise since it keeps you entertained and interested in the aerobic excercise you are doing. This brings me to the point that anyone can lose weight.

They say they try all these diets and none of them work. How about they try working out every day and not eating crap food? Its quite odd how people try to starve themselves to lose weight when you can't do that at all. I might of gotten off subject but I will get back on. Martial Arts isn't all you need.

You need to include a weight training schedule into your aerobic workouts. All aerobic workouts just don't build muscle they tone it thats why aerobic instructors and long distance runners are skinny.

If you want to see a huge improvement in your abilities and your techniques use weights. Women usually think they will "bulk" up if they lift heavy or look manly but this isn't so. Women don't have enough testosterone to actually build alot of muscle they can build muscle but nothing near to men's unless they have the influence of drugs. This is all.
runners and aerobic instructors look the way they do because of the amount of energy they burn, you burn more calories doing aerobics for various reasons, one being in many cases a great deal of the time spent doing higher intensity anaerobic activities is spent resting, another being most anaerobic exercise targets specific muscle groups and as a result you don't burn as much energy as working multiple muscle groups at lower intensity.

Also I think most of martial art training is not realy aerobic but rather a series of low resistance anaerobic exercises, aerobic exercise targets type 1 muscle fibers, anaerobic exercise targets either type 2 or both 1 and 2. type 1 are slow twitch fibers type 2 are fast twitch, you realy can't throw a punch or kick with any speed using only slow twitch fibers.

Yes i will agree... MA + eating right.. can = healthy weight loss...
Dang... i cut out pop (caffine) and fried foods.. and ive lost 10lbs in 5 weeks.. (not too shabby) ITs hard at first to do that.. i still crave fried foods every now and then.. so i may cheat and get some McDonalds FF.... I allow myself to occaisonally do this.. that way I don't go crazy and eat fatty foods all day!!!
I've really gotten into the fruit thing... and im amazed at how much energy i get from them.

verrrrry much agree, it gives the feul for wieght training and endurance for anything. keeps u in tip-top shape and learn to fight. teaches morals, about fighting is last resort, etc etc.

thank God for MA