A thanks to those who responded to my questions in the last thread

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Apr 8, 2018
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I made a post not too long ago about improving my kicks. Thanks to your experiences and answers on the matter, you helped me a lot in realizing what the correct way to go about it is, and I wanted to share my gratitude. I planned to do the kicks and full, or almost full, strength but instead I have decided on kicking with slow and controlled motions to concentrate on building my hip strength and balance - this should then lead to an improvement in my technique. I would also like to thank those who made me aware of the necessity of tendon strength as I have never, ever, considered this and also to those who continue to look out for me in terms of advising me about my more extreme ideas and indirectly helping me to avoid injuries.

Finally, I would like to clarify where I stand on the grounds of Covid, and masks, so that these issues aren't brought up again and lead to locked and de-railed threads. My "never xD" comment was intended to be humorous in nature - I will wear masks if it's legally deemed necessary. I may be skeptical about the situation, but I am not one to risk fines over these types of things.
Again thanks to everyone for imparting your advice and criticisms for me in my last thread.
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