A *new* perspective?



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Jan 27, 2007
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I realized it is not for everybody and some will stay and practice, some will stay and not practice and some will not stay.
That's pretty profound, X-S ;) Lots of experience shining through. Thanks for sharing it. :asian:

jks9199 said:
Enjoy them while they're there... but shape your training for the folks who are going to make training important.
Another quotation-worthy bit of wisdom. Really helpful stuff. Thanks, jks. :asian:

Kacey said:
When white belts leave, it means they've decided it's not for them. When green belts leave - that's usually students who were getting by on athletic ability, and around green or blue belt it starts getting hard, and they leave. When I Dans leave, it's because they think they've "made it".
Have had these various pieces floating around in my head for some time, but never articulated that well. Thanks, Kacey. :asian:

Honestly guys and gals (is that PC?--you all know how old I am, and I get confused trying to keep up with culture today :D)anyway, all who've contributed, I started this thread on a whim after a bad day that turned out to have a silver lining. Never expected so many decades of great experience to be shared as a result. Thank you. :)