15th Dan

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To my knowledge, I do not believe that anyone in the Bujinkan has attained this level as of yet. The closest I know of is Jack Hoban at 14th Dan, but that's it. Who knows if we'll ever see a 15th Dan. This would be like telling someone they know all that there is to know, but it's possible that someone who Sensei knows would not take such an attitude could be promoted to this level. Just something to think about.
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Is Masaaki Hatsumi a 15th dan or is he 'outside' the ranking system?
He's their Grandmaster right?
That would be my guess. But who knows? We have a Bujinkan (sp?) members on here hopefully they'll join the discussion.
So now back to the original question. Is anyone a 15th dan.
Hatsumi Sensei Claims he is "Zero".

"No fault, zero condition is the best. I am ZERO. I joke that the Soke (GrandMaster) has no Dan. Zero, no fault - that is the target of Bufu Ikkan (living through the martial winds)."

The whole of that Article is here:


To the best of my (limited) Knowlage, there still are no 15th Dan holders, and a couple 14th.
brin morgan of the UK last year was a 14th dan

these two men morgan and hoban outrank the japanese shihan who have been practising with hatsumi twice as long as they have

also hatsumi has been known to simply give out grades as these are not important to him
Just a few off the top of my head:

Ed Martin

Ed Lomax

Arnaud Cousergue

Jack Hoban

Peter King

Brin Morgan

Moti Nativ

Phil Legare
15th is not a LEVEL.

Judan is the highest LEVEL in the Bujinkan Dojo ranking structure at this time.

ralph severe, kamiyama
Mr. Ben Cole described this phenomena well on Martial Arts Planet.
bencole said:

Soke made mention of the idea of the "additional" five levels of tenth dan as early as 1983.... Although they are called "Eleventh dan", "Twelfth dan", etc. those are merely heuristics to separate the differences. All of these ranks are different forms of tenth dan, although they are given out in a particular order--which makes the "eleventh", "twelfth", etc. labeling adopted by some seem sensical. The ranks are as follows:

Judan Chigyo Happo Biken (10th Dan Earth aka "11th Dan")
Judan Suigyo Happo Biken (10th Dan Water aka "12th Dan")
Judan Kagyo Happo Biken (10th Dan Fire aka "13th Dan")
Judan Fugyo Happo Biken (10th Dan Wind aka "14th Dan")
Judan Kugyo Happo Biken (10th Dan Emptyness aka "15th Dan")