1. Ivan

    Should I focus on one area at a time or multiple areas?

    Hi guys, I've recently returned home from Scotland to stay with my family for Christmas and New Year and went back to the gym that I usually train at when I'm here. I'd recently been working a body-lock pass for BJJ and it's almost at the point where I can use it comfortably; I just need to tidy...
  2. A


    Ill try to keep this brief. Fell in love with BJJ about a decade ago and was hooked day one. Trained religiously for 6-7 or so years, competed, did well and was a purple belt for about a year prior to having an extremely rare condition which paralyzed me waste down for about 3 months, took...
  3. K

    MMA sparring in illinois

    Hello I am following up on my my post BJJ hardcore sparring. I learned from this thread that most BJJ trains for striking situations but you can get as good as your partner with striking defense. Hence I was wondering are there any MMA jims or dojos that let students from other schools or...
  4. K

    BJJ hardcore sparring

    Hello Does any one know of good schools in Illinois USA that teaches BJJ with hardcore sparring? What I mean by hardcore sparring is competition, MMA, or street fight situations where the guy comes at you full force. They also train against punches and kicks. Thank you Kingofjong
  5. Ivan

    How to use online tape/footage and other resources to improve?

    Hi guys. As many of you know, I aspire to compete professionally in BJJ and at a high level too. I am aware that many high level competitors study tape and footage to improve their jiujitsu. However, I am unsure of how to actually study it, where to start, and how it would actually carry over to...
  6. Ivan

    What is cowardice? Am I coward? I feel like a coward.

    Hi guys, as some of you know I had another competition today. Although I won a silver medal, it was my worst competition so far, and the worst performance Ive ever put on. I felt quite disappointed with myself, and honestly the medal is just a reminder of that. My first match I was up against...
  7. Ivan

    What are your protocols for training when you're ill? How do you treat your colds?

    Hi everyone. I want to start off by mentioning that I tend to get ill very often. I catch colds quite a lot, mixed in with the odd fever every now and then. I should mention my mum never gets ill, and my dad also gets ill more than usual but not as much as me. I have a lot of trouble convincing...
  8. D

    A competitive Pursuit

    So about 6 months ago I returned to judo after a 6 year lay off. I enjoy it alot and have recently become interested in becoming more competitive (Not for a career but just dedicated to compete for hobby) however I'm currently 19 and i asked a National judoka in my club who trains BJJ and he...
  9. Ivan

    Lethargy after competition

    Hi everyone. As you know I competed just last Sunday and I posted my footage here. I had a total of 10 matches, each more exhausting than the next, some right after the other. Ever since the competition, I am feeling extremely lethargic. It is the first time in a very long time where I have...
  10. Ivan

    Competition results and footage: No Gi

    Hey guys! This is a continuation from my last thread with the remainder of my competition footage. Any advice or criticism is appreciated. Match 6, Gi Finals - Loss via Triangle choke This is a match which I am quite ashamed of. My opponent pulled guard straight into a foot and collar guard...
  11. Ivan

    Competition results and footage: Silver medal in gi tournament!

    Hey guys! I wanted to start off by thanking all of you for your help on my previous post where I asked for advice on dealing with stress before the competition. I found all of your advice extremely helpful and will continue to follow it for future competitive events. I was also very fortunate to...
  12. Ivan

    Dealing with competition nerves

    Hey guys. I am going to be competing at a BJJ tournament this Sunday. I am usually a very stressful person, its just in my nature and has been since I was young. I have to say these last few weeks leading up to my competition Ive handled it quite well. Ive competed before, and I used to have...
  13. D

    ONE Championship's Mikey Musumeci and the art of leg locks

    Analyzing the leg locks of Mikey Musumeci one of the highest level jiu-jitsu grapplers in the world today.
  14. D

    Specific exercises to improve your grip

    Specific training to improve your Grip.
  15. D

    My last tournament

    That competition was US Nationals 2021 in Reno - NV. I fought 3x and won every fight by ippon, it was a lot of fun, I made new friends, an incredible experience! Before this competition, I had competed in 2014. Now I'm planning my next competition. And how about you guys, when is your...
  16. I

    Realistic knife defense against 100% resistance demonstrations. Combat sports based.

    The video was approved and uploaded by the official page of the Russian Combat Sambo Federation.
  17. M

    Tips for one on one BJJ session

    Hey all, Im looking at doing some one on one BJJ sessions to help me improve a bit more separate to doing the classes. Some things I already know I want to work on are improving my hip escapes from the bottom but would you say there is any other key things to focus on during that one on one...
  18. Ivan

    Drilling or Rolling to improve?

    Hi guys I was hoping I could get some advice for improving my BJJ. I am currently struggling in understanding how to improve my BJJ. When I worked on my boxing it was fairly simple; I would take one technique or one footwork drill and practice to exhaustion or perfection. But it's a little...
  19. M

    Struggling with sparring/rolling as a female

    I've started to get back into Muay Thai (5x a week), strength training (2x a week) and then BJJ gi and no gi (5x a week), which is manageable for me. But the issues im having is: For Muay Thai: Everyone I spar with is a male and usually over 6ft and just built like an absolute unit, im 5'4 on a...
  20. Ivan

    Elbow pain from framing?

    Hi guys, I have been struggling with elbow pain for a while now. Two months ago I completely stopped BJJ and have been doing work with a sports physio ever since then. At the time, because I tend to train with gi more than no gi, and I have a very full training schedule, 16-20 hours weekly, the...
  21. Ivan

    What takedowns should I focus on?

    Hey guys, as you know I have been focusing a lot more on grappling now and although I've been off due to elbow pain, I've started to make a return by just doing one light session weekly with some friends and working towards building it up. I am much more comfortable playing bottom positions such...
  22. Ivan

    Pronator teres syndrome in BJJ

    Hey. As some of you may know, I have recently been struggling with elbow pain during BJJ. I went to a physio who has worked with wrestlers and other grapplers in the past and got a diagnosis. I asked him to summarise his findings in an email which I will paste below. My question is whether there...
  23. Ivan

    Elbow Pain after grappling

    Hi guys. I have had an issue with my elbows for quite a while. It started all the way back in January I believe, perhaps some weeks before this. After BJJ training, I would get some extremely sharp pain in my elbows, that was very debilitating and painful - the drives home would be arduous and...
  24. Ivan

    Another BJJ competition

    Hey guys, Ive just had my first round robin tournament yesterday and I did a lot better than my other competitions. I won 3 out of my 4 matches. The winners were supposed to be decided by having an elimination tournament of the top 3 performing competitors in each group, after the division was...
  25. Ivan

    Adopting a competitive mentality

    Hi. As many of you know I have begun to compete in jiujitsu. I have attended two competitions now, for a total of four matches, and have also watched teammates compete and noticed different things. I have another competition coming up at the end of this month, a round-robin tournament and, of...
  26. Ivan

    My first BJJ competition

    Hi guys, I havent been active in a while. To recap, after my issues with my striking journey, I decided to switch to grappling full time. I already had some very minor BJJ experience but I dropped all my striking apart from some light technique on my own and started taking as many grappling...
  27. Ivan

    The distaste for strength in martial arts

    Hi. I am writing an article on the attitudes towards physical strength in martial arts, and would like to get your perspective on this issue (if it is an issue, I personally feel that it is) in martial arts, since you're all much more experienced than me. Every since I started training, I saw...
  28. Benjamin Ramirez

    What are the top benefits or advantages of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

    As a beginner, you must have this question in your mind if you are going to learn bjj that what its advantages? Right well I have found this guide helpful " advantages of brazilian jiu jitsu". I welcome all to place more suggestions or blogs do they have on this article, or any YouTube guide...
  29. J

    Beaten by a white belt.

    Let me start off I have no issues with being beaten by a white belt. but its a mixture of how I evaluate my game and something one of the black belts said. I soared with a new white belt the other day. He has been at the gym for about two months or so. His background is mainly striking...
  30. Harry Flannagan

    Website Suggestions for BJJ?

    I've been training in BJJ for a while. I love reading stuff from the BJJ guru, I learn lots of cool stuff. I was wondering where you guys are reading? And which sites can help me improve my grappling techniques? Videos on YT are helpful but I think I obsessively went through all of them already...