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Apr 12, 2023
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That competition was US Nationals 2021 in Reno - NV.
I fought 3x and won every fight by ippon, it was a lot of fun, I made new friends, an incredible experience!

Before this competition, I had competed in 2014.
Now I'm planning my next competition.

And how about you guys, when is your next competition?
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Kung Fu Wang

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Sep 26, 2012
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Austin, Tx/Shell Beach, Ca
And how about you guys, when is your next competition?
My last tournament was in 1984. 3 months before that tournament, I moved a 220 lb rock from point A to point B. During the tournament, I knew I was the strongest guy in the whole tournament. I was heavy weight. But I competed in super heavy weight that year.

Before that tournament, I competed in US in 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, and 1983. I was US SC heavy weight champ in 1982, 1983, and US SC super heavy weight champ in 1984 (One day when you are too old to compete, memory may be the only thing that you have left).

My next tournament? I may have to wait until my next life. :arghh:
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