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Apr 8, 2018
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Hey guys! This is a continuation from my last thread with the remainder of my competition footage. Any advice or criticism is appreciated.

Match 6, Gi Finals - Loss via Triangle choke
This is a match which I am quite ashamed of. My opponent pulled guard straight into a foot and collar guard and placed me in a triangle. I attempted to pummel my arm out of the guard to get his leg away from my bicep, but his legs were extremely long. I also tried wrapping my arm around his leg and underneath my stomach to create space to breathe inside the choke, but he cut the angle and it was deep. The reason this loss annoys me is partly because of how quickly it happened, but mainly because this attack is one of the first attacks I learned and also one that I am very comfortable with myself, so I am a bit annoyed that I didn't defend it successfully.

Match 1, No Gi - Loss via Guillotine
In this match, I had just taken an hour and a bit of rest from the gi tournament. My head was not in the right space, and I was not warmed up so it's my fault. However, my opponent kneeing me in the balls as he took me down didn't help either xD All in all, I should have done more to prepare for this match.

Match 2, No Gi - Win via Kimura setup to armbar
Here it takes me a while to get the takedown so a big part of the action is just grip fighting. There were a few times where I didn't step in enough for my hip throws or uchi matas to work. Eventually I get a guillotine grip to an O-Soto at time frame 1:52. The match winning sequence begins there. This was the same opponent from my second match in the Gi.

Match 3, No Gi - Win via Points
Same opponent from my 4th Gi match and Semifinals match. In this case, I was quite positionally dominant throughout the entire round, taking his back, and the mount but unable to secure a submission.

Match 4, No Gi - Loss via Von Flue choke inside my Half Guard
This was one of my most satisfying matches. I was so close to locking on submissions but I lost because I was impatient and unable to control my opponent. It felt like victory was snatched from underneath me and it felt great. Although it seemed like he was taking me back when we went to the ground, I had locked on a kimura grip and managed to reverse the position. I attempted to spin into an armbar, but his hand was too slippery, and I didn't place my leg over his head. I was too impatient.

Thank you in advance for your time and advice. I know this is one of the longest posts I have ever written, and I know I have put a lot of media on here. Please be considerate of your own time. I do not expect you to watch all of these. Thank you again for your previous advice too. Good luck to you all. OSS!

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Feb 23, 2014
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The wait in between matches are a real challenge.