Wushu in the Olympics



Wushu in the Olympics
Unofficially, wushu has been accepted by the International Olympic Committee into the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. IOC's next meeting is in Prague, Czech Republic on July 2nd. A formal announcement shall be made then.

New Roles in the Chinese Wushu Association
President Li Jie of the Chinese Wushu Association has been re-assigned as the Director of the Cultural Sports Administration, in charge of dragon dance, lion dance, tug-of-war, majiang, and other social sports events. Mr. Li Jie's accomplishment for wushu is unparalleled; his efforts to promote wushu were integral in gaining the national sport of China a place in the 2008 Olympic games.

The former Cultural Sports Administration Director, Mr. Wang Xiaoling, has essentially swapped positions with Mr. Li Jie to become the new President of the Chinese Wushu Association. Mr. Wang Xiaoling, formerly a table tennis administrator in the Shanxi province, entered the Beijing Physical Culture Institute as a student in 1973. After graduating, he moved on to hold the position of Director of Foreign Affairs Department of the Beijing Sports University, Administrator of the National Sports Commission from 1991-1995, and most recently, Director of the Cultural Sports Administration from 1995 to the present.


i love any publicity that martial arts can get it does wonders for the growth of it and i get the chance to watch it on tv :)


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We have a school in my area that does wushu. I sat in on one of their classes when I was looking for a new school. Man, there is no way I can get that much air under my ragged ol' butt to do a lot of those moves!!! The Sifu's name was, I believe, Robert White. Seemed to be a very reasonable man. He also teaches Tai Chi. I may go see him for that as my aikido training progresses. Great to hear that wushu is gonna be in the olympics. But what ya wanna bet the only coverage you see of it is on the 2 a.m. news clip:shrug: