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  • Hello TKD Dad,

    Thank you for the friend request. I see you are from Cleveland area. Congratulations to your daughter for entering competitions, I hope she gets the best experience and meets the best folks. Your instructor and I likely know each other.

    Quick note: My chats with other instructors sometimes go easy, and sometime they become very direct. I'm like that in person too and for good reason. You might find that I am not very fond of most American instructors attitude/racism/etc. and I let them know about, just like I do in person. I do not sitting idly by watch the BS flow. Please don't be put off by it. I'd never involve you in such discussions either and I never intended to meet a friends student on here. I would prefer a what goes on in Martial Talk stays on Martial Talk kind of thing :)

    Warmest Personal Regards,

    Al Cole
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