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  • Hello, Sorry to hear you suffer because of him. I had contacted Sensi Cole to let him know what you mention and for him to research this further for his own benifit.

    I will pass on any additional info's latter on to him (Sensi Cole) present head Sensi!

    Aloha, Thank-you ...it was because of your efforts...this information for alerting us on Mr. Alvin K. Miyatake will prevent him from harming others...Mahalo
    Thank you very much for taking my waring about Al seriously. Please know that I am not making this up. I know first hand what kind of person he is. If you like, and would tell me the school he is working at, I will contact them and warn them of the dangers. If you do not want to provide me with that information, please contact them yourself and provide them any and all of this information. Maybe we can save a child before it is too late. I suffered. I dont want anyone else to suffer.
    Thanks again!
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