Who are your Heros/Role models?



I suppose that this doesn't even have to be someone who's a martial artist. Start listing!
I would have to say my greatest heroe would be Jesus Christ.
His life, His ministry, and His sacrifice, truly inspire me to
aspire to greater things. :)
George Patton. - 1 Tough SOB.

Ric Flair. - came back from a broken back, defying the odds to spend over 2 decades as 1 of the leaders on his industry.

Roddy Piper - Continues to be 1 of the best, despite injuries and organizational politics.

Richard Stallman. - Despite being a political oddity, he sticks to his beliefs, regardless of the hammering he may take. I don't agree with him, but I admire his dedication to his cause.

Richard Garriot - creator of the Ultima series of pc games. Any guy who can work that kind of magic while hackin outta a closet gets my respect.

Not the normal spread, but I take inspiration from each of them, in different ways.
I would have to say any of the soldiers who have fought for our freedom, and continue to do so today.
I agree with most of those posted thus far, minus the stars from
the WWF, NWA, etc. No offense though, just not my heros.

As a kid, I had 3 heroes. One was my dad, but y'all don't know
him, so I won't go into that. The other was Gregory "Pappy"
Boyington, congressional medal of honor winner, and WWII
Ace fighter pilot. My dad was a career marine as well, and I
got the pleasure of meeting "Pappy" at USMCAS Yuma, when I
was like 7yrs old. A true highlight of my life. Still a hero, as

The 3rd hero, is a bit depressing. It was Robert Conrad. He
played "Pappy" Boyington on "Black Sheep Squadron", a.k.a.
"Baa Baa Black Sheep". Anyone my age or older, should
remember how tough his character was, and how tough he
represented in those old duracell battery commercials, where
he'd be doing all this really macho, tough stuff like going
crazy on a speed bag, chewing nails, etc, and then would
look at the camera, put a duracell 9v on his shoulder and
say, "I dare ya to knock this off my shoulder". I was like
MAN YOU'RE TOUGH! .... Then came the sad day, when Mr.
Conrad was on the Battle of the Network Stars (remember
that?!?!?) And there was a game of Simon Says. It came
down to Robert Conrad, and Lou Ferigno (The Incredible
Hulk). A block was placed on the shoulder of Robert Conrad
and Lou Ferigno, under the order of Simon Says, was told
to knock it off. He did, and Mr Conrad did NOTHING! I was
sooooooooo let down! Just crushed a 8-9 yr old kid's hero,
in one second! *Sniff* I'm gonna go to the bell tower
now, bye.

No offence taken. :) Everyones influences and heros are different, personal. Hard to summarize sometimes.

Have to add to my list Abraham Lincoln. He prettymuch failed at every attempt to win public office, yet kept trying. Ended up winning the big one. He kept going, even though most folks would have given up after the first few failures.

Col. Sanders. Started KFC in his 70's, got rejected hundreds of times before he got things going.

Edison - Failed over 1000 times in inventing the light bulb...kept going, just keeping score on "how not to make a light" :)

I think thats a common attribute on my list. Persistance in the face of adversity. That, keep going attitude, even though it really sucks.

Patton had a buch of issues, only to overcome them and become 1 of the greatest military leaders of WW2. Flair beat the odds to overcome a crippling back injury. The rest of the guys injured in the same accident never wrestled again. Piper was never the Big Macho BodyBuilder guy. He's average, yet became a star.

I remember watching "Baa Baa Black Sheep" when I was a kid. Always liked the show. Now I'm going to have to read up more on "Pappy" Boyington. I didn't know he was that decorated. Definately time to do some research. :)

I think sometimes on these influences, and sometime get the 'kick in the ***' I need to get back to training...or keep at a problem til its solved. My grandfathers on that list too. He was an MP during WW2....saw stuff I just don't want to ever see.

The soldiers who've faced combat...the ones who've made the supreme sacrifice...they did all that and more. In comparison, is it really that bad of a headache that you can't train today? Ya know?

Jesus's life is full of trials and challenges. Many places for someone to find inspiration to motivate them.

I think, heros are personal....not easily pinned down on what magic quality they have that inspires us. I think most of them would say they weren't heros...just someone doing what they had to to make it through another day.

I'd have to add Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs to my list. I'm
not "An Apple Man" but I admire them for their contribution to
the computer industry, and their entrepenuerial spirit.

I think you missed to mention a real hero. Your wife who gave birth to your daughter Cassidy Lynn Jan 26/2002. That is someone that should inpire you til the end of time.

Congrats Kirk on the birth of your first daughter.
Hey, Congrats!!!!

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I think you missed to mention a real hero. Your wife who gave birth to your daughter Cassidy Lynn Jan 26/2002. That is someone that should inpire you til the end of time.

Congrats Kirk on the birth of your first daughter.
No question..My late father.

Rose at 4:00 am to work til 3:00, umpired little league for
30 years from 4pm til 8:00pm, worked his third job from
10:00 pm til 2:00 am. six days aweek til his body broke down.
A few years ago I came across a paycheck of his from the city
he worked for ..it was for $200. Turns out we were dirt poor
but we kids never knew from the richness of his love, for
us, for neighbors, for the complete stranger. In retrospect,
The guy understood Kenpo on a higher level than I have yet
nor maybe never will achieve.
Thanks a bunch Kaith and Rob! I sincerely appreciate it.
And you're absolutely right Rob, she's a trooper, and I love
her and my new daughter to death!
I have always admired Jet Li for his dedication and skill, and he is a fantastic entertainer..:asian:
Originally posted by Kirk

. . .
*Sniff* I'm gonna go to the bell tower now,


Hmmm, Which Bell Tower? I would not want to
be around is all? Would not want interfer with
your alone time.

BTW Congrates on the Daughter :p

Dont bash on me! :eek: I amire Rickson Gracie. Of course, for his awesome jj skills but also for his assimilation of the code of Bushido. It is rare to see fighters that personify the Bushido. He's a spiritual man that understand the value of moral, spirit and self-development.

-Bushido :samurai:
Leonardo Da Vinci


Mother Theresa

Mahatma Ghandi

Sir Winston Churchill

Brutus (the guy that killed Ceasar)

John Lennon

Ben Franklin

Funny, I cant think of any martial artists, only these people that IMHO have displayed what we should all aspire to be.
Colin Jackson - Welsh 110 hurdler - Small for a hurdler but his superlative technique has made him consistently good for years.

Muhammed Ali - He could box.

Henry Cooper - Put Ali on the canvas but lost on a TKO (cut eyes).

Richard Feynman - Great physicist who knew how to think for himself.

Django Reinhardt - One of the greatest guitar players ever even though his left hand was crippled.

Ozzy Osbourne - Gave up the booze even though it suited him so well.

Ambulance men of the world wars - The concientious objectors. Stuck to what they believed even under great pressure, but still had the balls to get shot at.

Miyamoto Musashi - One man killing machine who could paint beautifully.
I would have to say my Grandmom. She is a tough cookie. She survived a double by-pass surgery and a heart valve replacement.

Over the years, she survived a bad marriage she's babysat for the whole family (20 something grandkids ..... not at the same time that is). She kept the whole family together (despite the bickering and the fact the most of us moved outta state). And she is the sweetest person in the world. And she stayed so young (dispite her age).

She helped raise me, and I love her very much.
Nicola Tesla - My greatest hero, he represents to me everything I wanted to be as a child. One of the last non-specialised scientists. Also the ultimate personification of the steriotypical "mad scientist". Simply amazing that a great deal of the papers from his work are still classified by the US government.

Einstien - The ultimate in thinking outside the box.

Ben Franklin - The guy did everything.

Bruce Lee - When it came to will power and intestity he took the cake.

I got alot more than that but those are the main ones.
great role models sweeper.
now youre my role model.
along with my grandmother who survived the holocaust and is still a better person than i could ever be.
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my grandmother who survived the

Bet she could tell some stories! That's amazing!