What are the different stances in Wing Chun?


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Apr 30, 2016
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And how often are they used? In what situations are they applied?
wow...broad question my friend. And, welcome to the forum.

Different stances in WC and when to use them is like asking what is the letter "A" and how often is it used.

WC forms (to me at least) are like learning an alphabet. Period. Where and when and how I choose to use a letter or letters is entirely up to me and the situation I am in.

Same goes for stances...which are just "letters" in the WC "alphabet"
In our practice, we have the following stances:
  • Left/right neutral
  • Left/right forward
  • Left/right rear t-step
  • Left/right forward t-step
  • Left/right L-step (in the 6th dummy kan sao set)
Hope this is helpful and happy to answer in more detail if you'd like.

~ Alan, Wing Chun Student
Opinions vary between lineages on what the basic fighting stance should be.

Mine uses a stance with one foot forward, 50/50 weight displacement, hands on a centreline guard, elbows down protecting the torso.

We use a few others, but mainly in transition, switching sides, changing levels, moving back, etc.

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