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hey all,

sorry to rant here, but i have to post this because of a general feeling that i get from reading some of the posts on this board. Im still pretty new to this site, and take great interest in all the topics, but i just have to say, i love my tae kwon do/hapkido training.

i guess the reason im posting this is the general feeling that seems to arise from reading some of the more heated debates, and it seems that often people are attacking each others styles for not being painful or realistic enough or traditional enough, and i get a sense that some people feel they have to constantly defend their art.

i love all of my training. yes, even the high kicks and unrealistic spinning techniques that many people seem to feel that tkd is all about. im not stupid enough to think that at my level of study i could take out 3 thugs by executing wild complex techniques, but i dont think thats why i love spending countless hours trying to accomplish those moves. i like it because im pushing my body and mind to limits past what i thought i could do a year and a half ago. and at times, i love the sport aspect...and i realize it might not always prepare you for a knock down drag out street fights. i love it for the feeling of mental chess i get from it, the feeling of reading an opponent and waiting for the right moment to strike with the right move. i admire all arts, anyone that has the guts to put in countless hours/months/years of their life into honing their physical being into a tool of precision and grace and controlled fury. sorry to sound whiny ya'll, but i just want to say that im proud all of my training and my style, even if not of it is allways applicable to life and death situations.
You take what you want out of any martial art. If your looking for street defence than train it that way, if your looking for satisfaction from mastering a new technical move than do that too. Personally I totally understand where you are coming from, I can do all the jumping spinning kicks and all kinds of flips and tumbling in the martial arts because it brought me great pleasure to master those difficult moves. It's quite the feeling of accomplishment when you spend months working on a move you saw Jet Li do and never thought you could ever pull off and finally start nailing it every time.

Damian Mavis
Honour TKD

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