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Hi, I may be going into a tournament where they do "Point-sparring", and I've heard of one technique used by some sport-based TKD schools. You all may have seen this, where your opponent lifts up their front leg, and the second you come in, they throw a quick side-kick, and the match is stopped. Now, my instructor told me of an unsanctioned defense, which would be where you axe-kick their leg, then kick them in the head when the kick to the leg drags them down.

Now, this probably might get me in trouble, so I was wondering if anybody can offer alternative, less illegal way to counter this?
Kick with your lead leg. Less telegraphed. I came from TSD, which is point type sparring. A backfist works too. If you have your hands up covering your chin, they think that's exactly what you are doing (covering up). Then shoot out a back fist when they come in. As far as blocking that kick, use your leg to block (this move is illegal in WTF sparring, but I do it anyways :p ).
This also depends upon the tournament style. Is this strictly a TKD rated tournament or is it an open style? I agree that lead leg kicking is going to help you much more in a point tournament. Your going to get different answers from different people of other arts. I prefer to stand right side forward tap the opponents lead hand (if possible) if were close enough. From this position take I my right hand press it down on top of their lead hand follow with my left hand to replace the check. Immediately as the left hand checks down I extend a right back knuckle strike. This happens within a couple of seconds, it's a fast move when performed correctly. Just another thought for you.
Jason Farnsworth
make ur leg more lighter as in MT guys do... it will cover around mid section for upper mid section n uppersection start blocking with ur elbow(bad move for ur oppnt it hard too) after one or two kicks he'll probably stop kickin n come down to punching...

ps:elbow is not allowed but eh i tried to block he hit me in elbow wat the hell i did wrong?? :D
and i dunno much about point sparring ...we do continue sparring where all the points r counted later...

This is an open style tournament being hosted by a local ITF school. The sparring in it is going to be point, light contact. The match will be stopped at each point scored. This is why I'm looking to find a defense against the lead leg up thing, as the quick jab-sidekick is very cheap, and more favorable to sport-oriented fighting.
i do ITF TKD
hmmm its amazing ITF doesn't organize open style anyways
here r some rule about ITF sparring
1.if u r not BB then u can't punch in face
2.in two fouls u loose one point
u'll score points on puches too, kick n punch(1), jumpin kick/punch 2 pt KO(eh u won :D)
if it's ITF match it is not stopped by any means in scoring...
there r 4 judges around the mat which does scoring... u'll be only stopped when u or ur oppnt does foul...
one thing which i hav found very common in ITF n WTF styles
they(most) suck on pucnhes get in there n blast them then start sticking with them,
as i said earlier u can use elbow in blocking...but remember block like u r a dead chicken :D
start check their first leg it's allowed in ITF(as ur teacher said, but don't hit it would be foul)
most of things
Hav FUN!!!
Actually, the style of sparring is going to be different. I've heard the rules. It's 2 minutes, no kicking or punching to the head. 2 points for a kick to the midsection, 1 point for a punch. The match is stopped at each point scored. Which is why I'm trying to get advice on how to counter that stupid quick jab-sidekick move.
An idea might be to walk into it. If your standing on one leg how many limbs are free? What is the chance of recovering quickly? This move you describe is one of the easiest to counter because they are stuck in that position. While you are mobile. There are countless options. The funniest is when they go to kick you and you just push them over with your lead arm. Or you fake like your moving in with something real fast, forcing them to kick and at THE SAME TIME as they kick, you slide or step or even jump toward their open side with a technique of your choice. My favorites are the side kick, back kick, and what many call the roundhouse kick. Another option is to get really close, forcing them to get all jammed up when they kick while you counter. Another fun one is to go over top of their leg. So lets say they do their side kick and at the same time you jump and punch (usually to the head but whatever). Make sure the jump is high, and try to parry the leg as you fly. The key in those kind of tournaments is to be aggressive from the start. Dont be careless, just assert yourself, try to intimidate them. Once they start to hesitate its over. That means giving them a few hard blows, just to make them respect you. The second most important thing is timing. When they move you move. Dont wait to see what they are going to do, just recognize the opening and go for it. People are the most exposed when they are in the middle of doing a technique, so you have to be fast. Get someone to practice with you that move you describe. Make him do it over and over again and watch and see the openings and at what point during the technique they surface. Or shadowbox in the mirror yourself. Watch your own openings, and try to correct them. Tournaments are such a blast, have a ball.
I kind of liked using the axe kick when I was doing tournament sparring. This technique used to work well for me.
Jason Farnsworth
I hate it when people use that one. They just stand there and as soon as you move out pops a side kick. One good thing is to jump to the side as they launch their kick and do a flying punch to their head, although it looks as though you can't punch to the head, is that right? I had someone do that recently to me, it was all they did. so i just kept dodging back or sideways making sure they got no points, and tried to make my blocks really hurt their leg. It worked, the sidekicks stopped. Try and make it look like you are going in to attack with a kick and it only hit their leg because they put it there. It's a matter of getting in before their kick is fully extended but that taes a lot of timing and speed training.

Good luck,
If you are left foot forward to his left foot forward in your stances and he is throwing the left side kick. Step on a forward 45 degree angle to your left with your left foot,(this will be his front open side) as your left foot lands chamber your right foot and execute a right side kick. If you make him commit to his kick by using a fake, he is all yours.
An experienced fighter won't depend on the first strike to land a point make sure you follow up with another strike or two and don't stop until the ref stops you.

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