Things You Hate


Lucy Rhombus

I hate side kicks. I hate them with the burning, white-hot passion of a thousand suns.

I've been taking karate for 9 months, and the white belts can throw a better side kick than I can. I practice them at home and they turn out great. I get to class and I'm falling all over myself like a gibbon on crack. Why, why, why?

I love karate, but those side kicks make me madder than a wet hen (just how mad IS a wet hen, anyway?).

So what moves/exercises/kata do YOU hate?
Possibly pressure. Relax when you are at class, and they should improve. :) I do the same thing. Technique runs smooth on the warm ups, show time? Bah, brainfart time. :)

I have issues with classes that are too crowded to learn properly, fellow students who have no regard for safety, hygene or personal space. Also on that list are the bunch who trained in another art and like to get into the whole "thats not how we did it" or "I'm a Teal Belt in yaddayadda, so I know more than you". Its that whole, I dunno, attitude? respect? politeness? thing.

Add to that list instructors who only do the fun stuff when there are perspective new students watching. (I went to a school once where the -only- time they spared was when there were visitors. We started calling it the "Pony Show" it was so pathetic.)

Young kids with high belts that do not know what they are doing.
Thanks for the encouragement, Kaith! I do need to relax.

But are there any moves or exercises or kata you guys hate? C'mon, you can't like everything you do in class! ;)
Hiya Lucy.

The side kick was hard for me, too. The back kick was the worst for me. I learned the 360 roundhouse before I learned the back kick. Why? Because I was really bad at going "backwards" on anything. It took me almost a year to get a fairly decent back kick. Now the side kick is my best kick, so don't lose hope. Keep trying.

Kaith, I agree with you, dude. I hate the egos. "I got a so and so belt so I'm better than you," type stuff. A couple of people in my new school were like that when I first started. But when they saw my technique, they were confused. I told them "don't let this white belt fool you. I'm not a beginner." They shut right up :D
Originally posted by Kaith Rustaz

Also on that list are the bunch who trained in another art and like to get into the whole "thats not how we did it

My instructor was involved in TKD for 17 years. He had one of
the most successful dojangs in west Texas. He had a kenpo
student sign up with his school, willing to start again at white,
but mostly because there were no kenpo schools in the area.
BUT ... whenever my instructor would cover self defense, this
student did say "That's now how we did it". And for whatever
reason, maybe to try to poke holes in it, my instructor would
say "well then how DID you do it?" It impressed him so much,
that he'd drive 6 hours into Dallas twice a month for kenpo
training. After a short period of time (not sure how long) my
instructor made the announcement. "This is now officially a
kenpo school. Anyone who has a problem with that should seek out another TKD school. Only 1 person left. For me and my
personal tastes, my instructor is one HELL OF an instructor.
I'm glad he had a kid in his class that says "that's not how we
did it". I agree with you .. to a point. But it couldn't hurt to
on occasion, say .. "how did you do it in X style?"
Originally posted by Lucy Rhombus

Thanks for the encouragement, Kaith! I do need to relax.

But are there any moves or exercises or kata you guys hate? C'mon, you can't like everything you do in class! ;)
Lucy, when you practice at home, get a chair with a back, lean slightly forward while holding the back of the chair (seat facing away form you) with both hands and slowly pick your left or right leg up bringing the knee straight up and turning it to the side. Then bring it back as far as you can to your face. Your head should be turned where you are watching your knee come back to your nose. Slowly thrust it out to complete your side kick. Next repeat the same motion with your leg until you can perform the kick in slow circular thrusting motions. Repeat 20 times and switch to your other leg. On the last rep of each thrusting side kick, release the back of the chair and let the kick push you forward into the targeted area which you choose! This should solve your side kick balance problem and as you rep more; you wiil be able to eliminate the chair. Your progress should take you to kick thrusting side kicks in 10 round bursts with no problem. This also works good for high side kicks and jumping side kicks also! Sincerely, In Humility; Chiduce!
i love the forms, weapons and empty hand, i love the 108 mook jong.......what i DESPISE (or did despise) was this little girl who could pak-sao in the blink of an eye. she was so quick i couldnt stop her. i kid you not, i had a black eye for a year and a half........please stop laughing.............respects etc.
Lucy's side kick: I think it's one of the hardest kicks to learn, because it's real easy to do it like a round kick. I teach the kick slowly so youlearn to push the kick out with your hip, hitting with the knife edge and heel area of the foot. The difference to me is in how you pivot the base foot. For me a good side kick comes when the base foot is pivoted so the toes are facing 180 degrees away from the target. There's more but just minor details that would be hard to get into here.

Things I hate: Gold belts that suddenly know everything and refuse to shut up and listen to what your trying to teach them.
Going to a seminar and having some one from anothet style that refuses to try any thing new. :mad:

I hate stance training, burning leg muscles. I hate being coated in sweat, exspecially other peoples sweat. Its gross when you are fresh and havn't worked out enough to sweat yet and have to grab someone whos soaking wet. I hate working out with people that smell bad. I hate working with people that have no control in their techniques, exspecially wrist techniques.
I really hate how long it takes to really learn something in the martial arts, I want to get things down after a couple of tries, not years! I hate not really knowing anything after about a decade of study.
BUT, I love the depth of the art that after a decade of study I still don't know anything, somethings in life should actually be a challenge. I love the martial arts enough to put up with all this.
i hate doing jump kicks after jump kicks after jump kicks. i also hat doing 1000 leg raises and 10,000 squats.

i also hate students that won't listen and are always playing around with techniques that could really hurt someone. im sure there are more so i will keep you informed :)
Hey Shinzu.

It sounds like you do TSD hehehehe. Just kidding :) But I loved the jump kicks. I think I was the only adult that didn't mind them.

Anyway, I have to agree with you on the ones that play around during class. I hate push-ups. I have carpel tunnel so they hurt my hands. I am up to 25, though. That's great for someone with farked up wrists (and biting my tongue everytime I pushed the floor :eek: ).
Looking over my last post I guess I need to learn how to spell.

I also hate working out with people that smell bad. I can't complain about people that sweat, I sweat like I just got out of the shower.

Most of the people I workout with sweat, but don't stink real bad.
But there's one guy, woosh he could curl the paint.

O Rhomboid One,

When I had to do spinning and jump spinning kicks for my instructor, I could never do them correctly. We rarely practiced them for practical use, but they were required.

Later, when training informally with a TKD class, we were told to do jump spinning kicks. Since there was no pressure from my instructor, I didn't have a problem at all.

The pressure of performing can severely hamper your physical performance, especially if it's something you've grown to hate (ie, your side kicks). As hard as it may be, you just need to relax. Just do your side kicks like you don't care about them.

Hated thing:
With my FMA training...arnisandyz can attest to this, as he's seen me cussing myself out all the time: I get shown something and for some damn reason, I over-analyze or think too much about it, so I have difficulty getting it. Then, I just do it. When I realize how simple it is (for example, an abanico combo I got tonight), I just have a hissy. Something my 2-year-old daughter could probably get on her first try, and it takes me half-an-hour to realize, 'Oh, that's all it is?'.

My ex-girlfriend. I hate her with a passion unmatched in the burning pits of hades on all nine levels.

I like restraining orders though.
Originally posted by GouRonin

My ex-girlfriend. I hate her with a passion unmatched in the burning pits of hades on all nine levels.

I like restraining orders though.

LOL :rofl:

Don't get me wrong. I have to admit that she can make me laugh. I still chuckle to myself when she told the Judge, "Sir, I know he was sleeping but I thought he was going to hit me first."

Restraining orders can sometimes be given without being asked for. That's the kind of gift that keeps on giving.
McDojos of any kind. Unrealistic training methods. Kata's treated as a mystical well of deep meaning.

- Kyle
As for me, I hate the student that always trys to do a counter move when I'm teaching self-defence. Going in slow motion so everyone understands hown to do the move is bas enough, but when some Numb-skull insists on countering the move I get ticked. It's amaseing how many end up on the backside with my foot in their face. Trouble is most try to do something with my foot. Sime peole never learn, some just have no respect.
PS my first post on the new computer
People who keep having to be reminded to keep their live hand up, not just their stick hand!

People who know everything about the art they've just started studying and are all-too-willing to (mis)help you because they studied some unrelated art years ago!