Tang Soo Do Hyungs According To Rank?


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Jan 20, 2006
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Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Requirements
9th: Kicho Hyung Il Bu
8th: Kicho Hyung Ee Bu, Sam Bu
7th: Pyung Ahn Chodan
6th: Pyung Ahn Ee Dan, Chil Sung e Roh
5th: Pyung Ahn Sam Dan
4th: Pyung Ahn Sa Dan
3rd: Pyung Ahn Oh Dan, Chl Sung Il Ro
2nd: Bassai
1st: Naihanchi Chodan
Chodan: Lower Belt Forms
Ee Dan: Naihanchi E Dan, Jindo, Chil Sung Sam Ro
Sam Dan: Naihanchi Sam Dan, Ro Hai, Chil Sung Sa Ro
Sa Dan: Kong San Kun, Sip Soo, Chil Sung O Ro
O Dan: Wan Shu, Sei Shan
Yuk Dan: Jion, O Sip Sa Bo


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Jun 6, 2008
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San Fernando Valley
American Tang Soo Do (Under GM Dennis Ichikawa)

White/Yellow - Giecho Hyung Il Bu
Purple - Giecho Hyung Il Bu Sung Gup & Giecho Hyung Ee Bu
Orange - Giecho Hyung Ee Bu Sung Gup
8th Gup Blue - Giecho Hyung Sahm Bu
7th Gup Blue - Pyong Ahn Cho Dan
6th Gup Green - Pyong Ahn Yi Dan
5th Gup Green - Pyong Ahn Sahm Dan
4th Gup Green - Pyong Ahn Sah Dan
3rd Gup Red - Pyong Ahn O Dan
2nd Gup Red - Bassai
1st Gup - no new form
1st Dan - Nianchi Cho Dan, Yi Dan & Sahm Dan
2nd Dan - Chipsu, Chinte, Wong Shu, Tae Gi Hyul
3rd Dan - Jindo, Jion, Rohai, Koon San Kung


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Dec 17, 2009
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My Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo school practices the older sets of hyungs.

white belt: Kicho hyung #1-3
gold belt: Pyung Ahn Cho Dan
Green belt: Pyung Ahn Ee Dan
Green belt brown tip: Pyung Ahn Sam Dan
Brown belt: Pyung Ahn Sa Dan
Brown belt red tip: Pyung Ahn Oh Dan
Red belt: Bassai
Blue belt: no new form
1st Dan: Naihanchi Cho Dan and Ee Dan
2nd Dan: Naihanchi Sam Dan and Chinto
3rd Dan: Kang Song Kun

**our kwan jang nim used to teach Ship Soo, Ro Hai, Jion, Wanshu, and Seisan, but threw them out. He said there were too many hyungs, and that we needed to concentrate on perfecting the other forms**


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Jan 7, 2009
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Owego, NY
This is the American Tang Soo Do Assoc. form breakdown (Under GM Byrne - I train under Master David Rexer and he also teaches the Chil Sung/Yuk Ros, as well as weapons - which are not a part of the ATA)
10th - Gicho 1
9th - Gicho 2 & 3 (For the kids - adults do 1 &2 at white)
8th - Pyung Ahn Cho Dan, Chil Sung Ee Ro Hyung
7th - Pyung Ahn Ee Dan
6th - Pyung Ahn Sam Dan
5th - Pyung Ahn Sah Dan
4th - Pyung Ahn Oh Dan, Chil Sung Il Ro Hyung
3rd - Bassai So
2nd - Bassai Dae, Chil Sung Sam Ro Hyung
1st - Naihanji Cho Dan, Bong Hyung Cho Dan
1st - Jin Do, Sip Soo, Naihanji Ee Dan, Chil Sung Sah Ro Hyung, Wang Bo (Staff), Bong Hyung Ee Dan, Yuk Ro Cho Dan [I know it looks like a lot, but it wasn't that bad, and I was a young kid when I got my Cho Dan)
Also Escrima Cho Dan after 1 yr. at Cho Dan
2nd - Lo Hai, Naihanji Sam Dan, Chil Sung Oh Ro Hyung, Yuk Ro Ee Dan, Ee Wang Bo and Bong Hyung Sam Dan, also Escrima Ee Dan
3rd - Kong Sang Koon, Yuk Ro Sam Dan, Sam Wang Bo, Bong Hyung Sah Dan, Escrima Sam Dan, Tanto Hyung Cho Dan
4th - Wang Shu, Sei Shan, Chil Sung Yuk Ro Hyung, Yuk Ro Sah Dan, Tanto Hyung Ee Dan (Double Dagger)
5th - Ji On & Probably Yuk Ro 5
6th - O Sip Sa Bo (Not sure, could be with 5th) --probably Chil Sung 7 & Yuk Ro 6

I was kind of disappointed to see that Hwa Sun, So RIm Jang Kwan, and Tae Kyuk Kwon weren't included in any of the books/manuals/lists I have/have seen...If I want I'll learn them on my own at the appropriate level :) But I have a way to go from Sam Dan


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Dec 21, 2011
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Came across this when I was searching for something on Google.

Nice to see SOOOO many verities in the art.

I see some still have Jang Kwon, Tai Gi Hyul and Sa Bang Kwon!
Cool! :)

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