Stance / Mental focus exercise

mook jong man

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May 28, 2008
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Matsudo , Japan
This is an exercise to test your stance and show you the importance of projecting forward mentally.

Put your stance and guard on , your partner will grab your wrist .
Right hand to right hand or left hand to left hand works best.
The partner grabs the wrist and pulls you forward forcefully , make sure you maintain the angle in your arm as you get dragged forward.

At random times the partner instead of pulling you in a forward direction will now pull you to the side at about a 45 degree angle . If you have been mentally projecting your force forward to the centreline , even though you are pulled to the side , your body will still end up going forward .

If you are not concentrating on projecting your force you will tend to be dragged to the side quite easily. After you have done it for a while start practicing it with your eyes closed and with the partner grabbing either arm at random.


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May 16, 2009
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Sounds similar to the structure tests we used to do:

Where we would start off in a forward stance and would be pushed/pulled forward, backward, left/right except no 45 angle.

Then yi ji kuem ying ma: the same thing except we would transfer to a jau/yau ma depending on which side was being pushed/pulled. (Basically if you had to take more than 1 step you lose)

Then we we would utilize sai ping ma across the floor to train proper root function.

We also utilized from a wrist contact push/pull at various angles.

That's interesting, thanks Mook for sharing.

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